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Goa Industrial Estates Map
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Goa Industrial Estates Map
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*The Map shows Goa Industrial Estates locations.


The industry in Goa is ranked fourth in the country by a study conducted by the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies and Confederation of India Industry. So the industry in Goa has emerged as one of favorable destination for investment. Being both investor-friendly as well as environment -friendly, Goa has one of the highest per capita income ratios in the country, one of the highest literacy rates, the highest road, rail, air and sea network density, the lowest crime rates, and a harmonious trade union-management relationship. All these factors, combined, contribute towards a healthy environment for the industry in Goa.

Several Central and state organizations have been set up over the years with the aims and objectives of securing and assisting in the rapid and orderly establishment of Industrial Areas, Industrial Estates and industries in Goa. The following Central and State government institutions are active developers of industry in Goa:
  • The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) of Goa, Daman and Diu.
  • The Goa, Daman & Diu Industrial Development Corporation (GDDIDC).
  • The Goa Handicrafts, Rural & Small Scale Industries
    Development Corporation (GHRSSIDC).
  • The Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).
  • The Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI).
  • The Maharashtra Industrial & Technical Consultancy Organisation (MITCON).
  • The Maharashtra State Financial Corporation (MSFC).
  • The National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC).
  • The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI).
  • The Small Industries Service Institute (SISI).
The government of Goa has also formulated certain policies to operate the industry in Goa. Some of the features of the Industrial Policy of Goa - 2003 announced by the Goa Government are given below:
  • Fast clearance of investment.
  • Creation of Industrial Parks, Industrial Estates, Roads, Power, Water, Communications, IT enabled services etc.
  • Strengthening of human resource base.
  • Introduction of new subsidy schemes.
  • Promotion of cottage industries.
Given its extremely efficient and useful sea network, export too forms a major industry in Goa; thus rendering the operations conducted by the Mormugao Port Trust a profitable one. Mormugao Port was declared a Major Port on 2.12.1963. It is one of the oldest ports on the west coast of India. It is a major iron ore exporting Port of India with an annual throughput of around 18 million tones of iron ore. The Port accounts for about 50% of India's iron ore export. Apart from ore, there has also been a steady increase in liquid bulk and general cargo traffic since 1963.

Fishing also constitutes a major industry in Goa. Out of 11 talukas of the state, people from 8 talukas are involved in fishing activities and fishermen from 42 villages are involved in marine fishing. There are over 30,000 fishermen in the state, with the population of active fishermen standing at 12,000. The state has a registered fleet of 1,134 mechanized boats, 755 country crafts, 1963 non-motorized country crafts and 6463 nets. Apart from these, there are five fish landing centers and 14 fish landing ramps.

Marine Inland Total
69386 3749 73135
Along with fishing, forest produce, rich in teak, casuarina, acrocarpus, rubber, cashew, bamboo, eucalyptus, roadside plantation, canal bank plantation, and others also forms a major industry in Goa.

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