Madikeri City Map

City Map of Madikeri

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City Map of Madikeri
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*Madikeri city map Showing Major Roads, Education Institutes, Hotels, Hospitals and other places of interest. Disclaimer

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Madekeri is a hill station town in India, also known as Mercara and is the headquarters of the Kodagu District in Karnataka. Once in Madikeri, visitors will be surrounded by the rich fragrance of coffee and the heady aroma of fresh cardamom, black pepper and Coorg Honey. Known for its serene and calm beauty, Madikeri is also known as the Scotland of India thanks to its beautiful slopes, tiny villages and rugged landscape.

Madekeri was formerly known as Muddu Raja Keri, which meant Mudduraja's town and was named after the popular Haleri king Mudduraja, who ruled Kodagu from 1633-1687. The history of this region is very mysterious and it is believed that the people of this area are descendants of Alexander the Great who invaded Indian to a group of Kurds who fled from Iraq to avoid being converted to Islam.

The word Kodagu has come from the word "Kudu" which means "Hilly Place" and is one of the most scenic places in South India, also being the birth place of the Cauvery River. The Kodavas hold the Cauvery River sacred and consider themselves to be the children of the Cauvery. Aprt from their acclaim as gifted farmers, people from this region are also popular for their hospitality.