Spices of Kerala

Kerala is very famous for the exotic spices grown in the region. Once part of the legendary Silk Route, Kerala has historically generated international interest and trade links due to the abundance of these condiments.

Spices that grow well in this region are cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger, vanilla, nutmeg, black pepper and ginger and the leafy oregano, rosemary, curry leaves, thyme, basil (tulsi), mint, bay leaf, coriander and sage. If you are touring the state especially the Malabar Coast and the high hilly regions do pick up your choice of spices and condiments. The spices of Kerala are of export quality; however, it makes sense to buy these from an authorized Government shop.

While buying the spices do remember to bite in to a clove or a cardamom. The fresh and high quality spices give out rich flavor and exude oil. The cinnamon sticks crumble when broken and smell great. The leafy spices such as oregano, coriander, bay leaf etc are dried, processed and come in sealed packets. Munnar is a great place to pick up these condiments and flavorings. The streets of Alappuzha are thronged with small shops selling spices. Oils and extracts of these spices such as clove oil, cinnamon and vanilla extracts are also great favorites among the tourists.

These oils and extracts pack the strong properties of the original spices in merely a few drops. They are also used for aromatherapy and for their medicinal properties. For example clove oil is widely used as a medication in dental problems and aches. Indulge yourself, go on a shopping spree and give your food a tangy taste with the spices of Kerala

Pepper is a creeper and grows with the support of other trees. Pepper is a dark colored berry like fruit which is crushed or made into powder while using. After picking the berries are dried until the exterior skin becomes entirely black and become hard and wrinkled. The seed is white and the pepper is also transformed into white after the skin is removed. Kerala produces bigger-sized, best flavored and aromatic pepper in India and also in the world.
Varieties of Kerala Pepper Arakkulam Munda, Karimunda, Panniyur-1, Kuthiravally, Balankotta and Kalluvally. The most famous varieties of pepper are 'Malabar Garbled' and 'Tellichery Extra Bold'. Green pepper is also available India also offers green pepper in several processed varieties like dehydrated, frozen, freeze-dried and seasoned in salt.

Chilly is a huge revenue earner for the economy of Kerala. Its contribution to the country's exchequer is also huge. India is famed as the largest producer of chilly in the world.
The whole new ecological tourism has developed around the chilly plantations of Kerala. hordes of tourists makes a beeline for the chilly orchards of verdant Kerala to get up , close and personal with the serene nature and wonder at nature's marvels.
Packets of chilly powder are among the most treasured souvenirs of Kerala. So, do not forget to stack your bags with plenty of chilly pouches, that will keep the memory of Kerala alive for a long time.

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