Mumbai Shopping Festival

Mumbai is a very famous place for shopping in India. The city is home to some of the finest shopping arcades and malls. People in the city are extremely fashion conscious which too a large extent is due to the influence of Bollywood. People in the city wait for the shopping festival as they get to purchase their desired goods at discounted rates.

The shopping festival is a popular event held every year in Mumbai. The shopping festival takes place in Navi Mumbai, Nerul, Bandra etc.

Who organizes Mumbai shopping festival?

The Mumbai shopping festival is organized by a group of promoters and event managers. A large number of public and private companies join hands every year to organize the massive event. The Sahara Art and Craft is one such company that organizes a shopping festival every year in Mumbai. The shopping festival is also sponsored by a large number of trade associations.

Best Time to Shop in Mumbai Shopping Festival

There is no fixed time for the Mumbai shopping festival. But it generally takes place in the month of January. This is mostly because the weather in the city is extremely pleasant at this time of the year. It is neither too hot nor cold too.

What should one buy from the Mumbai Shopping Festival?

The shopping festival offers something for everybody. The goods put for sale and display attract everyone right from kids to housewives.
  • Washing Machines
  • Digital Camera
  • Household Appliances
    • Microwave Oven
    • Gas Stove
    • Water Purifier
    • Mixer Grinder Juicer
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Pressure Cookers
    • Kitchen equipment
    • Plastic products
  • Office Automation
    • Desktops & Laptops
    • Printers, Scanner
    • Fax Machines
    • Security Equipment
  • Book and Printing & Stationery
    • Books of general interest
    • Text Books
    • Computer Books
    • Periodicals and Newspapers
    • Children's Books
    • Encyclopedias and Reference Books
    • Business & Management Books
    • Pens
    • Folders
  • FMCG
    • Sweets
    • Confectioneries
    • Fruit juice
    • Soft drinks
    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Toiletries and Personal Care & Hair Care Products.
  • Furniture & Interiors
    • Home Furniture
    • Office Furniture
    • Children's room Furniture
    • Furnishing & Upholstery material
    • Imported Furniture
    • Paints & Wall Papers
    • Modular Kitchen Systems & Accessories
    • Linen
    • Mattress
    • Carpet
    • Feng Shui
    • Showpieces
    • Artificial flowers & Plants etc.
  • Garments & Footwear
    • Ladies wear
    • Men's wear
    • Children's wear
    • Formal wear
    • Sports wear
    • Footwear
  • Cosmetics & Jewelry
    • Beauty care products
    • Perfumes & Deodorants
    • Accessories
    • Silver Gold and antique Jewelry
  • Who comes to the Mumbai shopping festival?

    The Mumbai shopping festival is visited by house wives, businessmen, office goers, teenagers, small children and senior citizens

    Who benefits from the Mumbai shopping festival?

    The Mumbai shopping festivals is also an excellent platform for trade and commerce. There are many foreign traders and investors who take part in this festival. The festival brings together international distributors and domestic buyers under a single roof. This is something that is rare in the country. It opens doors for local producers to enter the foreign markets and start trading with different countries. The shopping festival forms the perfect platform for exchange of ideas, innovative technologies, market development and market penetration.

    Objective of the Mumbai shopping festival

    One of the major objectives of the Mumbai shopping festival is to promote trade. The organizers of the event invite millions of traders to the event to display there goods and services. This is an excellent platform for upcoming traders and business units. Apart from the usual promotions and sales there are a number of other events like quiz competitions, contests, competitions and lucky draw held in the Mumbai shopping festival.

    There are also several interesting fairs that take place at the shopping festival. Some of the popular fairs are; Travel and tourism fair, Book fair, International Franchise Expo, Motor Shows, etc. The best thing about the shopping festival is that it is not just restricted to apparels, household goods and accessories the commodities promoted sold and displayed range over a vast variety.

    What else can you do in the Mumbai shopping festival?

    The Mumbai shopping festival is also a great place for food lovers. You can enjoy a wide variety of lip smacking cuisines while you shop.

    Last Updated on 28 November 2011