Mumbai Shopping Festival Information, Mumbai Festival 2008

Providing details about the event as well as the venue, Mumbai Shopping Festival Information, serves as a comprehensive guide for the visitors thronging to this metropolis in India. The upcoming Mumbai Shopping Festival to be held in 2008 is planned and coordinated by Fairfest Media Limited and is aimed at showcasing the various facets of Mumbai.

All intending to visit the Mumbai Shopping Festival, 2008, require to have a certain amount of information regarding the venue itself. Details concerning Mumbai location and the climate of Mumbai would provide one with a basic knowledge of the city. The means of how to reach Mumbai as well as information about Mumbai local transport is also essential.

Different aspects of Mumbai culture can be witnessed during the forthcoming Mumbai Shopping Festival, 2008. Mumbai people are friendly and hospitable. Details about Mumbai Police and Mumbai Emergency Numbers would come in handy in any sort of emergency.

Last Updated on 23 March 2011