Mumbai Food, Mumbai Cuisine, Bombay Cuisine

Mumbai is famous worldwide for its delectable traditional dishes as well as for road side spicy food. During the festive season in Mumbai, several lip-smacking cuisines are prepared for the guests and the family members. Mumbai food forms an integral part of the festival of the city. During Diwali, delicacies like Chakli, Chivda, Besan laddu, Shankar pale, Karanji are prepared in the houses.

The traditional Mumbai food includes a lot of variety. Potato bhaji, Batatya rassa, Batatya rassa Chinch- gulacha, Okra bhaji are the most common Mumbai food. Chappatis and rice are the staple food of the city. You can enjoy these finger-licking meals with various flavor of chutneys like coconut chutney, breadcrumb, peanut, green coriander, bottle gourd chutneys.

The other most commonly eaten Mumbai cuisine includes Mix Vegetable Polao, Masale Bhaat, Dalimbi, Moong Dal kichdi and many more. The side dishes forming an important part of Mumbai food are Batatyache Kaap and Vangyache Kaap. The former is being prepared with sliced potatoes and spicy masalas and the latter is cooked with eggplant slices and masalas.

The Maharastrian sweets are also very popular among the tourists. Modak, Puran Poli, Sheera and Basundi are the special types of sweets prepared in auspicious occasion in Mumbai (Bombay). Roadside pawbhajis, bhel puris and golgappe add more flavor to the Mumbai food.

Last Updated on 23 March 2011