Unforgettable Moments of Sachin’s career

To say that it will be tough to find out a few moments that are most memorable in the career of Sachin Tendulkar will be a gross understatement considering the fact that he has played for 24 years with the highest level of performance and dedication. To start with, the most memorable moments of Sachin’s career would definitely have to be his final test considering the ovation he got from the crowd and the way he performed. However, a few moments such as the ones mentioned below stand out:

Unforgettable moments in tests:

First test match: They say that the firsts are always special in everyone’s lives and the Master Blaster was no exception as well. He played his first test match in Pakistan and in that series gave an indication of his tenacity by standing up to the Pakistani pace troika even after hit by Waqar Younis and also showed his talent by carting Abdul Qadir around in a 20 over exhibition match.

First test centuries in Australia and England: Sachin’s first hundreds on English and Australian soil showed, more than anything else, that he belonged to the big league. What adds to the significance of these centuries is that at that time these countries, along with West Indies, were the toughest places to tour and these came in the initial phase of his career.

Series win against Pakistan: India and Pakistan have always had a prickly relationship on the cricket field thanks to the shared history and political tensions between the two countries over the years. So when India needed to win the test series in 2004 at Pakistan with a relatively new team, Sachin came forward and performed well including a fantastic 194 not out in the first test.

Double century at Sydney: In 2003 Sachin had a horrendous year by every stretch of imagination and did not even score a half century in any of the tests that were played in that year. He was also not able to score many runs in the test series in Australia that was held during early 2004 till the final test in Sydney where he displayed amazing concentration and mental will to score a double century and take India to the doorstep of a first test victory in Australia. The innings is also worth mentioning because he did not play a single cover drive till he had crossed his double century!

1998 series against Australia: This is often regarded as the golden year of Tendulkar’s career and he made it count with a sterling display against Australia and especially Shane Warne, who was the main weapon of the Aussies. This series also established him as one of the pre-eminent batsmen of the modern game.

Unforgettable moments in one-dayers

Hero Cup heroics: In the semi final against South Africa at the Eden Gardens, the Proteas needed less than run a ball when Sachin came forward to bowl the last over. He bowled a magnificent over denying Brian McMillan any opportunity to score and took India to the finals.

Sachin’s first innings as opener: By 1994 Sachin had established himself as a good test player but in ODIs he was more of an allrounder who rarely played in the top order. However, he was promoted to open against New Zealand in this year and carved them up with a magnificent 82 from just 49 balls. The rest, as they say, is history.

Looking up to the heavens after scoring a century following his father’s demise: During the 1999 World Cup Sachin lost the most important person in his life, his father. Sachin went back to India, was asked to come back and perform his duty towards his country. He came back and smashed a century against Kenya and looked up towards the sky to acknowledge his father. Ever since that whenever he has performed well he has looked up the sky and thanked his father.

Desert storm: These are two of the most famous among the innings played by Sachin in one dayers. He literally went berserk and thrashed the Aussie attack in 2 consecutive matches to get his team to the finals and then win the trophy in Sharjah.

2003 and 2011 World Cups: Sachin has always been a decisive factor for team India in World Cups and other big events. In 2003 he received the Player of the Tournament Award for the magnificent scores throughout the championship that helped India progress to the finals after an indifferent start. In 2011 he was a little older but still performed well enough in the matches that counted like the semi final against Pakistan and India was able to finally win the 50 over World Cup after a gap of 28 years.

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