24 Benefits of Pears For Health, Hair, and Skin

Benefits of Pears For Health, Hair, and Skin

Benefits of Pears For Health, Hair, and Skin

The consumption of fruits is beneficial for health as they are associated with the reduction in health risks. Fruits have high nutrition contents, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals and lower or no fat, and so, are highly beneficial for health. One of the most amazing fruit to be consumed is pear which has several hair, health, and skin benefits. Pears are exceptionally great for the overall health of the body. For best results, one should consume a pear every day.

To check out the amazing benefits of pear (Nashpaati), read below-

Benefits of Pears for Health

Reduces Cholesterol and prevents heart diseases – Pears are fiber-rich fruits which help in reducing the risk of stroke by up to 50%. It is because of high fiber contents that pear is able to reduce the bad cholesterol in the body and therefore prevents heart diseases.

Prevents Alzheimer’s disease – Pear has an antioxidant named quercetin present in it which protects a person from Alzheimer’s disease. It also has high copper content which is an essential mineral for the body and also nourishes a healthy nervous system. It makes neural synapses stronger.

Diabetes control – Pears help in controlling diabetes by keeping a check on blood glucose levels. Pears also make a smart bite for people suffering from diabetes as they are high in fiber. The carbs present in pears are absorbed by the bloodstream and therefore help in controlling the blood sugar levels.

Boosts immune system – Antioxidants present in pears prevent several infections and boost the immunity of the body. There are phenolic phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory flavonoids and phytonutrients present in pears which also protect the cells.

Improves bone health and prevents osteoporosis – Pears have a mineral named Boron present in it which helps the body in retaining calcium, thus, helping in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Healthy complexion – Pears contain high levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C and K, and copper. These chemicals mop up free radicals, protecting our cells from the damage they can cause and hence providing a healthy complexion.

Weight loss – Because of low calorific value, pears can be included in your diet. They are a good source of fiber. As per the report of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Institute of Medicine, one medium pear can fulfill the requirement of fiber in our body. It keeps a person satiated for a long time hence helps in reducing weight.

Cures throat problems – Pears help in cleaning phlegm from the body and helps in proper functioning of the respiratory system. It is because of the anti-inflammatory properties that pears are beneficial in curing throat problems and providing relief to vocal chord.

Prevents Cancer – Pears have a tendency to protect people from cancer. The fibers and anti-cancer phytonutrients like cinnamic acid present in pear can help in removing cancer-causing chemicals thus reducing the risk of cancer.

Less or non allergic- Pears are one of those fruits which can be given to infants as they have anti-allergic properties. Doctors too recommend pears for kids as they are less likely to produce an allergic response.

Reduces Risk of Colitis – Taking pears before all three main meals can reduce the risk of colitis. It is because of the high fiber quantity present in pears that it is able to cure this condition which is marked by intestinal inflammation.

Pre-post workout snack- Pears have a high content of copper and iron in them. Fatigue after a workout can be cured easily by consuming a pear every day. Moreover, it can prevent muscle weakness, cognitive and organ system malfunction by consuming pears.

Benefits of Pears for Hair

Conditions the hair – Pears contain a natural sugar alcohol named sorbitol which nourishes the roots of the hair. It also nourishes the scalp and keeps the hair healthy.

Tames the frizzy hair- The ugly tangles can become manageable once you start applying the pear mask on your hair.

Reduce the dryness of hair – Vitamin C is present in abundance in pears which act as a natural antioxidant and helps in keeping the hair strands conditioned. It maintains the health of hair cells and reduces the dryness of the hair.

Restores the shine – Pears are great hair revitalisers. They can easily help in regaining the shine of the hair due to the presence of several minerals required for hair.

Maintains the thickness of the hair – One can apply pear hair pack for maintaining the thickness of hair. It is not only going to maintain the thickness but also nourishes the hair.

Benefits of Pears for Skin

Prevents wrinkles – Pears are rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, copper, and anti-oxidants. All these elements are capable of preventing several skin damages. They eventually help in toning up of skin, combats free radicals hence preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Oil-free skin – Face mask made with pear, honey, and cream can nourish your skin and reduce the oil present in it to a great extent.

Lip treatment – The lactic acid present in the skin helps in keeping the lip cells healthy. They nourish the skin of the lip and make you eligible of making a remarkable pout.

Acne-free skin – Pears have several minerals and vitamins present in them. They also boost the immunity because of which the skin becomes healthy and fights all kinds of acne and infections.

Prevents skin damage – Dietary fibers are present in pears which keeps our skin soft and smooth and prevents it from further damage.

Moisturiser for the skin – Pears moisturises the water content of the skin. They contain humectants which nourishes and moisturises the skin and makes it smooth.

Scrub – Pears have natural enzymes which are also great scrubbing agents. Dead skin cells can be removed by blending mashed pears. They can also exfoliate your skin if applied on regular basis (pear face pack).

So, start eating a pear every day and get your health on track.

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