Who can break Sachin’s record?

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

The magnitude of the achievements of a sportsperson in a team game after he or she leaves the pursuit is measured by a couple of things like what will be the effect of his absence and also who will be able to match those accomplishments. As far as Sachin is concerned one thing can be said for sure that the team will miss the experience of someone who has played 780 innings in international cricket for a mind boggling 24 years. When the question veers to who will be able to break or, at the very least match, his records in test and one day cricket let us say that it is will take an effort similar to crossing the Everest several times and to quote Freddie Trueman whoever gets there will be very tired without a shadow of doubt. So now let us take a look at players who can accomplish what he has done, or at least try to do so, and try and find out the reasons as to how and why they may be able to do it:
(For starters, Sachin has scored 15,921 runs in tests and 18,426 runs in ODIs and the analysis will be in respect of that)

Virat KohliVirat Kohli: In tests Virat Kohli has already scored 1235 runs at an average of 41.16 in 20 tests. He has shown the promise but he needs to step up his game in the tests. In the one-dayers his record is far better at 4919 runs at an average of 51.77. He has shown that he has what it takes to be next lynchpin of Indian batting and has been performing the role admirably in one day matches ever since Tendulkar retired. Plus, Sunil Gavaskar has immense faith in his abilities and stated that he will be ready to fill the shoes vacated by the Great One.

Virat KohliRohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma is one of the few players in world cricket who has played a century of one day matches for just 3049 runs and a mediocre average of 36.73 but ever since opening the batting with Shikhar Dhawan in one day matches he has been performing better. Also, he has been nothing short of exceptional in the couple of tests he has played. He presently averages 288 in tests, which is sure to come down after the overseas tests India is supposed to play in 2013-14 and later on. However, pundits such as Ian Chappell opine that he is better suited to tests and it seems that he could reach a position of at least challenging the Master Blaster’s score in tests, if not the ODIs.

MS DhoniMS Dhoni: In the ODIs, Dhoni has 7603 runs from 232 games at an average of 52.43. He is just 32 years old and if he can play for another 7 to 8 years he can mount a serious challenge to Tendulkar’s runs in ODIs.


Alastair CookAlastair Cook: Ever since being promoted to captaincy and even a couple of years prior to that Cook has been a prolific scorer for England. His record in the one day matches may just be steady but in the tests he has scored 7801 runs in 97 matches with an average of 47.85 and he is pretty young at just 29 years, which is when batsmen mature. He has the potential to challenge Sachin’s runs in test cricket at least.


Kevin PietersenKevin Pietersen: Pietersen has played 99 tests for 7887 runs at an average of 48.38 and 136 ODIs for 4440 runs at 40.73, which is a healthy enough average. He may not be able to match Tendulkar in the ODIs but at just 33 has about 5-7 good years of test cricket left in him and can be in a position to come close to Tendulkar’s record.


Jacques KallisJacques Kallis: He has played 164 tests and amassed 13140 runs at an average of 55.44 and also played 321 ODIs with 11498 runs and an average of 45.26. Among all the players presently playing he could be the earliest to reach the top of the mountain that is Tendulkar.


Graeme SmithGraeme Smith: Till date the South African test captain has played 112 games in this format and got 9034 runs at an average of 49.36. He has also played 195 ODIs with an average of 38.32 and a total of 6976 runs. He is just around 32 years old and if he can play for 8 years more he should be able to get close to Tendulkar in the tests at least.


AB de VilliersAB de Villiers: At just around 29 years of age the South African ODI captain has played 87 tests with a total of 6637 runs and an average of 51.44 and also 153 ODIs with a total of 6010 runs and an average of 48.86. If he can continue for at least a decade more he could seriously challenge Tendulkar’s runs in both the formats.


Hashim AmlaHashim Amla: In just 71 tests Hashim Amla has scored 5913 runs at an average of 52.32 and in 79 ODIs he has amassed 3734 runs at an average of 53.34. Even if it is almost impossible for him in the ODIs he may well challenge Tendulkar’s stats in tests provided he can enjoy a decade more in the form that he is now in.


Kumar SangakkaraKumar Sangakkara: Among the contemporary cricketers ‘Sanga’ is one more name with a realistic chance of getting near Tendulkar with 10,486 runs at an average of 56.98 in 117 tests and 11,948 runs in 357 ODIs at an average of 40.22.


Mahela JayawardeneMahela Jayawardene: Like his comrade-in-arms Sangakkara, Mahela is pretty close to Sachin’s record as well. He has 10,806 runs in 138 tests with an average of 49.56 and 11,401 runs in 407 ODIs with an average of 33.33.


Chris GayleChris Gayle: Gayle is a serious contender in one day matches with 8743 runs at an average of 37.68 from 254 ODIs. He has still 5-6 years left in top flight cricket and can pose a decent enough challenge in the 50 over format.


Michael ClarkeMichael Clarke: He has played 97 tests for 7656 runs at an average of 52.08 and 232 ODIs for 7581 runs at an average 45.12. Provided his back can hold up for another 7 to 8 years he can mount a serious offensive in the tests at least.

One more thing that needs to be remembered in this context is that Sachin played for 24 years, which is a well-nigh impossible figure to attain in present day cricket when we take into account the number of games being played nowadays, the complex nature of injuries as well as rotation and injury management policies of teams to shield the best players. Sachin also missed a good part of a year with a tennis elbow and had a poor year in 2003. Otherwise he may have scored even more runs, even 20,000 runs in both the formats.

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