General Elections 2014 – Day 54

General Elections 2014

Just a shade over fortnight to go for the last votes to be polled in Elections 2014, even the façade of civility the major political parties were showing is slowly disappearing. The vile discourse which is so synonymous to the social media literally got mainstream with top leaders from each party virtually indulging in no holds-bar name calling.

Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday released a video and a booklet accusing Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra of being involved in fraudulent land deals in Congress-ruled states. The six-page booklet titled ‘Damad Shree‘ refers to the various deals of Vadra in Rajasthan and Haryana. The film questions the astronomical increase in Vadra’s wealth starting from an initial capital of merely 1 lakh rupees. BJP leaders allege that Robert could only amass this huge wealth due to his family connections and helpful Chief Ministers.

Robert Vadra’s land deals were first questioned by controversial IAS officer Ashok Khemka. At that time BJP made few routine noises but chose to be largely silent on the matter. It was primarily because not only Vadra but Priyanka Gandhi also was not involved in active politics. But with Priyanka leading the tirade with her vicious attack on Gujarat model and Narendra Modi, the saffron party has decided to break its code of omerta.

Earlier Narendra Modi had indirectly alluded to Vadra’s dealings with jibes like jijaG . But finally the gloves are completely off.

Not to be cowed down by BJP’s attack, Priyanka Gandhi replied with new found aggression. Gandhi scion said in a reference to BJP, “Bhauklaye huye chuhe ke tara bhag rahe hain wo (They are baffled and running around like rats.)”. She continued her outburst saying that, “I knew that they will repeat their bunch of lies. I am not afraid of anyone and will continue to speak against their negative, destructive and shameful politics.”

Reacting to Priyanka’s remarks, BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar accused Congress of resorting to abusive politics and trying to distort democracy.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi appeared to be a little cautious in this issue. He reiterated the fact that the party would not indulge in vendetta politics. He said that he respects the right of daughter protecting her mother or sister helping her brother in an apparent reference to Priyanka Gandhi.

Modi though tried to clear the confusion regarding presence of Lokayukta in Gujarat. Countering allegations of Rahul Gandhi, he said that not only there is Lokayukta, but also a RTI Commissioner is also present in the state. He reminded the public that Lokayukta had already indicted a former Congress Chief Minister in Gujarat.

He accused Congress of trying to hide in a “bunker of secularism” specially mentioning party’s effort to reserve 4.5% seats for Muslims within the OBC quota. Prime Ministerial candidate said that it looks increasingly improbable for Congress to breach the 100-seats barrier. Modi tried to play down the tsunami of expectation saying that he never said that India will become a paradise if NDA comes to power. He said that people don’t want any miracle but aspires for a stable and decisive government. Gujarat CM again repeated his views of a United India rising above boundaries of caste and religion.

Modi speaking in Jhansi today took a jibe on Congress Vice President. He said that Rahul would soon force comedian Kapil Sharma out of work by dint of his comical speeches. In Bengal, Modi accused both Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Union Finance Minister Chidambaram of trying to shield the accused in the Saradha chit fund scam.

Not to be left far behind, Congress President Sonia Gandhi also joined this game of tu-tu-main-main (mudslinging at each other). She termed BJP as jhooth ke pujari (worshipper of lies) saying that the ashleel (obscene) and zaleell (lowly) face of Narendra Modi has been revealed to the nation.

Senior leader of National Conference Farooq Abdullah imitated Giriraj Singh today. Like Giriraj said that all those opposing Modi should go to Pakistan, Farooq remarked that all those supporting BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate should jump in sea. Farooq later claimed that he was merely trying to reply to Giriraj Singh!!

Incidentally NC was a part of NDA government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. But all those seem to be long forgotten as Farooq issued a veiled warning to voters. He said that if India becomes communal (read: Choose Modi) Kashmir will no longer remain with it. He said that communalism is not acceptable to Kashmiris. Today there were initially reports of explosion in NC leader’s rally. But later Farooq Abdullah’s son Omar tweeted to clarify that it was merely a loud noise, not a bomb blast.

Yoga Guru Ramdev who faced flak for his controversial comment against Rahul Gandhi has been banned by EC from addressing any programme in Lucknow till the elections are over. Ramdev said that Rahul goes to dalit’s house for honeymoon, which caused outrage among political parties. The famous yoga guru later apologised for his comments.

But it seems like some dalits may have been deeply affected by Baba Ramdev’s jibes. Dalits in Rae Bareli have expressed displeasure over yoga guru’s comments saying that they are having second thoughts over supporting BJP. The party though has tried to make light of Ramdev’s comments.

Finance Minister Chidambaram is extremely grumpy. He has raised the question that why media is not highlighting the fact of Vajpayee’s niece joining Congress. This is in response to massive reportage of Manmohan Singh’s half-brother joining BJP. Incidentally, ex PM’s niece Karuna Shukla joined Congress before Assembly election in Chhattisgarh claiming that she was being neglected in the saffron outfit.

Union Minister Anand Sharma today gave a backhanded compliment to BJP. He said that only BJP can bring back black money and use it, as it knows where it is stashed. He tacitly alluded to the fact that lot of money used in BJP’s massive media campaign may be black money in itself. Sharma claims that nearly 10,000 crore rupees have been used by BJP to launch the colossal media campaign.

Speaking of media campaign, Rahul Gandhi has often accused the Modi government of unduly favouring the Adanis in what he refers as “toffee model” of development. Finally the Adani group has broken their silence in this matter. Goutam Adani, head of Adani group said that they have never received any undue favours from the Modi government. Strongly refuting all charges he said that they have never used farmers land for industrialisation. Adani group said that it kick-started most of the initial projects in arid lands of Kutch.

These were all the major stories for today. In this political kurukshetra, the fight to the finish has started. We will continue to track all the developments for you ………..

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