Ways to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Smartphone’s Battery

Smartphones, which have taken over the global market, are used extensively, but as the time goes they become slow and sluggish. This is because they perform different types of operations, and the drainage of their batteries is faster than of the feature phones. Smartphones require large amount of power as it helps us to check mails, for maintaining social contacts, using internet, GPS system which helps us for navigating our destined locations, using different apps and the list goes on and on.

So it is quite obvious that smartphones’ batteries get drained out completely within 24 hours of extensive use. But we should not get worried as there are some ways, if followed regularly and perfectly, can enhance our battery performance and thus improve our smartphones’ lifespan.

The time span of the smartphone to run without charging the battery depends on the performance of the battery which again is dependent on the battery type, power rating, etc. The battery life of the smartphones can be increased by following a few simple ways.

Ambient light sensor 

The display can be switched off or the screen brightness can be set low as the consumption of power is maximum in case of the display of the smartphones. If the smartphones are facilitated with an ambient light sensor we can always use the auto brightness feature which can naturally adjust the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding light.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and specially 3G/4G consume more power if they are turned on. So it is suggested to turn off all the wireless connections if they are not in use.

The RAM in use need need huge power than the idle RAM. The apps which are not in use should be closed to make the memory free. The apps which emit bright light by using display or the camera flash of our smartphones consuming lot of battery, should not be used.

Geo services like Maps and Navigation which continuously update our present location should be turned off when we are at home or work or when we do not need them.

When the battery becomes low, the high resolution videos or HD games which require a huge CPU power should not be used as they drain out the battery very fast.

The life span of the Li–ion batteries which are now used for smartphones is about 5-6 years. But a lot of complaints can be heard about the life of a smartphone battery which usually does not last for more than 2–3 years. The reason is mostly due to the improper charging methods of the battery.

Batteries should not be discharged completely

The batteries of the smartphones should not be discharged fully. It is a myth that if the batteries are charged after fully draining out then the charge of the battery remains for a longer duration. Discharging of the battery of a smartphone fully actually shortens its lifespan.

It is to be noted that Li–ion batteries should not be discharged completely as it functions on different principles. Earlier it was not so because the performance of the rechargeable batteries used to be better if they were discharged completely and were recharged again.

The batteries should not be overcharged as it is not recommended because the batteries which get charged more than 100% mark usually get warm and could even explode.

Today’s smartphones should be kept under normal room temperature as the Li–ion batteries get affected by the surrounding temperature and the batteries’ life span gets shortened by both the extreme temperatures whether it is too hot or too cold. As the outside heat gets trapped, keeping the smartphone in an enclosed area is a strict no no.

It is always advised to charge the smartphone batteries by the USB charging port, the reason being the charging by the USB port which is slow, enables the battery gain power gradually and as a result it can retain the charge for a longer period, rather than charging it by the wall chargers.

What is Battery Doctor 

Lastly, there is an app called Battery Doctor which is available for both the IOS and the Android. It can show us every detail of our battery like how much charge is left and within that remaining time frame what operations we can perform on our smartphones. There are other features of this app also. It shows every minute detail of the battery charging and sends us an alert about when we have to stop the charging of our smartphones. Along with this, the Battery Doctor also informs us how much battery can be saved by us if we turn off Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Battery Doctor not only facilitates maintaining our smartphones’ battery correctly and efficiently but also enhances its life span.

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