Regional Museum of Natural History

The Regional Museum of Natural History started its journey from 20th May 1995. From the very beginning it made its importance felt as one of the most important museums in Mysore city. The museum was established with the objective to provide general information and on the latest development about the geological wealth, flora and fauna of the state. The ecological balance of plants and animals, nature and natural resources are displayed in a systematic manner in the Regional Museum of Natural History. The Regional Museum of Natural History of Mysore also organizes awareness programs on environmental issues.

The Regional Museum of Natural History is situated on the banks of Karanji Lake with the solemn Chamundi Hills in the background. The galleries of the museum are presented under the divisions of Man and the Environment, Ecology, Life through the Ages, Biological Diversity, and Conservation for Development.

Modern methodology and advanced equipments are used to present the natural science in an interesting way to cater to the curiosity of various age groups including the children and the adults alike.

Audio - visual equipments are widely used in the Regional Museum of Natural History and emphasis is given on hands - on - experience to make it more enjoyable. The collection and display presents the bio - diversity of South India in particular with special reference to the Western Ghat mountains. Use of Multimedia, workshops, film shows on environmental issues and seminars are organized by the museum authority to attract the visitors. Entrance to this treasure house is free.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011