Krishna Raja Sagara

Located at a distance of about 12 Kilometers from Mysore, the Krishna Raja Sagara dam was built in the year 1932. This marathon project was conceptualized and designed by Sir Mokshagundam Vishweswaraiah and the construction work took place during the times of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. The Krishna Raja Sagara dam is about 130 feet in height and 8600 feet long. The Krishna Raja Sagara dam is an excellent example of hi- tech engineering, in fact it is the first dam in the world to use sluice gates which work automatically.

Commonly known as KRS, the name Krishna Raja Sagara has been given to both the Dam and the Lake that it causes. The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam has been erected on the River Kaveri which flows through the Madhya District near the Historical city of Mysore. Attached to the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam is an ornamental garden called the Vrindavan Gardens. This garden is one of the most beautiful spot in the whole of Mysore and is therefore popular among tourist.

The Vringavan Garden is a terrace garden which elevates the beauty of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. Well planned by the Diwans of Mysore, the Vrindavan Gardens is a botanical park with a number of plants, and lively fountains. One can also take a boat ride in the waters beneath the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. This Vrindavan Gardens and the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam acquires an out of the world mystic look in the night when the garden and the dam is lit up. The the sensuous combination of the waters, light, color and the music the accompanies it creates a dreamlike environment.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011