Jayalakshmi Vilas

Constructed by the mighty ruler of Mysore, Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar for the royal comforts of his eldest daughter, Jayalakshmi Vilas reflects the rich architectural splendor of the ancient times. The magnificent building of Jayalakshmi Vilas was erected in the year of 1905 at a huge price of rupees seven lakhs that portrays the parental affection of a father towards his daughter.

A prominent itinerary of Mysore tourist attractions, Jayalakshmi Vilas draws several visitors through out the year who are absolutely thrilled with the well planned architecture of the monument. At present, Jayalakshmi Vilas is a part of the Mysore University and is known for its museum that contains numerous artifacts of the ancient period. The huge mansion boasts of a research center within its premises that offers the students to carry their projects on several important topics with much ease and convenience.

Popularly known as the Palace of the first Princess Jayalakshmi Devi, First Rajkumari Mansion or the Kebbekatte Bunglow, Jayalakshmi Vilas has several prominent architectural features of ionic columns, pilastered window sets and pediments and oval ventilators that adds o the grace and glory of the huge monument.

Located at short distance of 3 km from the bus depot of Mysore, Jayalakshmi Vilas stands tall with it's over imposing structure amidst the busy and crowded streets of the city. The well designed dancing hall of Jayalakshmi Vilas represents the zenith of artistic caliber of the local craftsman of bygone golden era. The 12 pillared Kalyana Mantap is a delight for the tourists who are awed by the rich architectural imagination of the traditional period.

Jayalakshmi Vilas is a pride possession of Mysore that adds to the charm of the ancient city.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011