Kukkarahali Lake

Mysore is one of the most beautiful cities of India and in dotted with a number of Lakes and Park and the Kukkarahali Lake is one of them. The Kukkaranahali Lake is located within the Manasa Gangothri which is the campus of the Mysore University. A home to a number of birds, the Kukkarahali Lake is also a retreat for many migratory birds who fly in from the different parts of the world.

The huge and variety of bird population at the Kukkarahali Lake attracts a number of bird watchers to the area. The Kukkarahali Lake is a perfect place to witness the antics and other interesting actions of some of the rarest birds. The Kukkarahali Lake is also a favorite of the sports lovers as a number of water sports are organized in the region. The less adventurous ones can opt for boating at the Kukkarahali Lake. The Kukkarahali Lake is very conveniently located near the railway station as well as the bus stop.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011