Temples in Mysore

The innumerable temples in Mysore hold a special place in Mysore culture. Most of the renowned temples of Mysore were built by the royal family of the reigning Wadeyars. The Wadeyars were very much into religious practices and they built several temples in Mysore. Mostly, these temples were built in and around the Mysore palace and fort to provide easy accessibility for the members of the royal family. The famous temples of Mysore are usually ornate and adorned with elaborate sculptures of various Hindu mythological figures.

Goddess Chamundeshwari is believed to have killed Mahishashura after which the city got its name of Mysore. She is the presiding deity of Mysore and resides in the Chamundeshwari Temple on top of the Chamundi hills. The royal family of the Wadeyars has always been a patron of Goddess Chamundeshwari and the temple has been subsequently developed by them. The Mahabaleshwar Temple situated nearby is much older than this temple, but its prominence lessened with the increasing importance of Chamundeshwari Temple.

There are many other important temples in Mysore. The Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple, the Shewtavarahaswamy Temple and the Trineswaraswamy Temple were built under the supervision of Krishnaraja Wodeyar III. All these temples play an important role in the socio - cultural association of the Mysore people. The Mysore Dussehra, famous worldwide is also associated with the legend of Goddess Chamundeshwari and attracts huge number of tourists from across the world.

Last Updated on 9/14/2011