Jaganmohan Art Gallery

Upholding the traditional heritage and old grandeur of Mysore, the Jaganmohan Art Gallery is a vast reserve of exquisite paintings and artifacts of the bygone golden era. Situated within the luxuriant Mysore Palace, the Jaganmohan Art Gallery bears testimony to the enriched traditional art and craft of the ancient times.

During the year of 1875, the Jaganmohan Palace was transformed into the famous Jaganmohan Art Gallery that portrays the artistic skills and creative imagination of the artists of the ancient times. The enriched imagination of renowned artists of Raja Ravi Verma of Travancore and Svetoslav Roerich, the Russian painter has been captured in the colorful canvas of the Jaganmohan Art Gallery.

The Jaganmohan Art Gallery draws several admirers of the indigenous and traditional art of Mysore who are enthralled and enchanted with the delicate and fine paintings of the imperial royal period. The expressive paintings of the famous artists of the bygone era reflect the zenith of development of traditional art and craft of Mysore during the ancient times.

One of the prominent itineraries of the Mysore tourist attractions, the Jaganmohan Art Gallery has captured the imagination of the painters of the contemporary times. Drawn with precision, the exemplary relics of traditional art of painting portray the ardent devotion of the painters towards their art.

Located at a convenient position within the city of Mysore, Jaganmohan Art Gallery is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Reflecting the glory and grandeur of the ancient times, the paintings reveal much about the social systems of the traditional society.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011