Datta Peetham

Spread over a total area of 35 acre, Datta Peetham is a religious and spiritual dwelling of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda. One of the revered religious gurus of Mysore, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda is known for unique concept of treating patients with serious ailments through the harmonious blend of music and meditation.

Sri Ganapati Sachchidannada belongs to the lineage of Dattatreya Avadhoota and is famous for his spiritual message of love and harmony. Located at the foothills of the exotic mountain ranges of Chamunda, the spiritual ashram and meditation center of Datta Peetham draws several devotees from far and wide who have greatly benefited from the traditional method of mediation and Yoga.

The spiritual dwelling or ashram of Datta Peetham imparts classes in traditional Sankrit literature, Vedic knowledge and new and innovative methods of Yoga to the ardent devotees of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda. The devotees gain a comprehensive knowledge about the enigmatic cosmos through the various spiritual classes that are conducted within sacred premises of the ashram.

The ashram of Datta Peetham conducts religious ceremonies as per the strict ritualistic customs of the traditional times. The Universal Prayer Hall attracts devotees from all religious groups who pay obeisance to the Supreme Being through Yoga and Meditation. The holy Datta Temple which is devoted to Lord Dattatreya draws several devotees all through the year.

An innovative way to realize the spiritual energy and be close to the Supreme Being, Datta Peetham ashram is one of the important itineraries of the Mysore tourist attractions. Far from the hustle bustle of the cities, the serene and calm surrounding of Datta Peetham fills the devotees with an intense sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

Last Updated on 08/30/2011