Museums in Mysuru (Mysore)

Being the political capital of the Wodeyar dynasty and the stage of many historical dramas, it is only natural that there are a good number of Museums in Mysore. The historic charm of the city, the native culture, the colonial past and also the recent technological advancement are all displayed at the Museums in Mysore.

A princely state for a long period of time, the royal collection of the kings and Rajas of Mysore are displayed at the Private Residential Museum which is a part of the Mysore Palace. The tourists visiting this Museum in Mysore can gather an idea about the regal character of the place. Many of the personal memorabilia of the royal family are also displayed for the public.

The Jayachamarajendra Museum & Art Gallery in Mysore was built by Maharajah Krishnaraja Wodeyar. This Museum, like the Private Residential Museum in the Mysore Palace, houses many of the antique pieces used by the Royal family.

The National Museum of Natural History is another Museum in Mysore which makes the people aware of the natural environment of the place and the methods of saving it.

Situated on the Krishnaraja Sagar Road, the Railway Museum in Mysore displays objects and items from the collection of the Mysore State Railway that was in operation from 1881-1951.

The Folklore Museum in Mysore is one of the most interesting Museum in the city. With a collection of about 6,500 unique regional folklores this Museum in Mysore is one of the biggest of its kind. The collection at this Museum in Mysore includes folk musical instruments, ceremonial headwears etc.

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