Mahabaleshwar is known as the Queen of Hills in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar near Pune is a very popular town located at an altitude of 1,372 meters. The steep hills and green valleys of Mahabaleshwar are a retreat from the chaos and pollutions of Mumbai and Pune.

The town was originally established as the health resort in 1829 A.D. The town is marked with neat bungalows and ancient churches. It was in the 19th century, that the sanatorium was established along with an open jail reformatory center. Prisoners from China and Malaysia were kept in this place. They had to construct roads, grind corn flour, maintain potato farms and other vegetable gardens in the English resorts. At present you will find, the Public Works Department bungalow at the location of the prison.

Well known for its strawberries and Chikki, Mahabaleshwar enchants many religious tourists as well. Mahabaleshwar is the starting point of 5 important rivers, the Krishna, Koyna, Savitri, Veena and Gayatri, which are regarded as holy rivers in the country. The Krishna as well as the Mahabaleshwar Temples attract people from far and wide.

Some of the other tourist spots that should be mentioned are the view points on the Sahyadri ranges. From here you can have a wide view of the Western Ghats. You can see the dense forests and lush green valleys. Springs and waterfalls are scattered in the place around Mahabaleshwar, which makes the site more beautiful. Most of the view points have well defined roads. Moving about on the roads in the midst of the dense woods is an experience which is unforgettable.

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Last Updated on : 23 May 2013