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Pune to Nasik

Nasik is a very beautiful town, situated in the northwestern part of Maharashtra. A classic amalgamation of the past and the present Nasik is one of the most picturesque lands in the state. Nasik paves the way to many glorious forts and wonderfully carved temples that have set an example to many. This part of the state of Maharashtra is really a dream destination for those who are fond of glorious travels.

Among the holiest Hindu cities in India Nasik serves as one of the five destinations of the famous Kumbmela. Nasik is thronged by both travelers and pilgrims from all corners of the globe throughout the year.

Nasik near Pune is the home of most of the industries situated in Maharashtra, which includes the Security Printing Press of the government, which is the nation's currency printer. Nasik serves as the center of trade and commerce; it was once the country's largest economic market place. It is still noted for its business profiles.

Nasik is situated in a land which produces the maximum varieties of fruits and vegetables. This is why Nasik is aptly called the green belt area. It renders an immense diversity of tourist attractions, religious centers and nature at its most wonderful and charming form.

This land of peace and beauty is the one which has seen the 14 years of 'Vanavas' suffered by Lord Rama (of the Ramayana epic). The Lord passed his long days of exile in the woods of this land as per the lore.

The grandeur of Nasik denotes all about the significance of the place. Its name and fame has mounted up more due to its proximity to Shirdi, a very well known pilgrimage center, where people rush to be blessed by the darshan of Shri Sai Baba.

Nasik is situated at a distance of about 202 kms from Pune. Nasik shares great air road and rail connectivity. There are quite a number of trains traveling from Nasik to Pune. The latest launch is the Pune Nasik which is the fastest train so far. The best option however includes traveling by bus since buses are available in plenty and also less time consuming.

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Last Updated on : 23 May 2013