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Satara is one of the main districts in Maharashtra. Satara district is popular for its hill stations like Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani as well as the forts.

Satara near Pune used to be the capital of Marathas after Sambhaji Maharaj's demise for a long time. Satara is situated in the midst of West Maharashtra and bears a nice connection with Pune, Sangli, Miraj and Kolhapur. The place is noted for its 'Kandi Pedhas'. The region lies on the banks of river Krishna and a famous military school is there in Satara.

Ajinkyatara is more than enough to know the history of Satara. The fort is in the center of the city and thereby can be looked from every part of it. It is 3300 feet high and if you move to its top you can have a picturesque view of the city of Satara. The grandeur of Ajinkyatara can be noticed from the hill top of Yawateshwar. The parapets of the fort are 4 meter high. Number of water tanks are there inside the fort itself and thereby you will not find any dearth of water.

You can go to the temples of Devi Mangalai, Lord Shankar as well as Lord Hanuman in the north- eastern side of the fort. The wonderful view of the Satara city is a sight to be remembered. Some other hills that are seen from the fort are Nandgiri and Chandan - Vandan forts on east , Jarandeshwar and Yawateshwar hills on the west.

Ajinkyatara was achieved by Shahu Maharaj in 1708 and was under the rule of the Marathas till 1818. It is an important fort in Maharashtra.

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