Rajkot Information

What is Rajkot famous for?

Apart from being the 4th biggest Gujarat city, Rajkot is a renowned industrial and commercial area in the state. The city is even known for its handicrafts, jewelry market and bandhani. This city has got some tourist attractions as well.

Climatic conditions of Rajkot

This Gujarat city mostly experiences a pleasant weather. The summer season in Rajkot stretches during the months in between the period of March and June with temperature varying between 24° C to 42° C. The dry and hot summer is followed by wet monsoon season, which starts from the month of July and continues till September with an average rainfall of 500 mm. Winter in Rajkot starts from October and ends in around February, when the temperature ranges in between 10° C to 24° C.

How to reach Rajkot?

Being one of the famous industrial hubs of India, the city is quite well connected to the rest of the country by railways, roadways and airways. Being one of the junctions of the West Indian Railways, the city is linked to the other parts of the state as well as the country through trains. Many direct flights are available from the Rajkot Airport, the city’s sole airport to some of the major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai etc. Besides that, several luxury and ordinary buses are run by the State transport system as well as private companies that make the inter-state transportation easier.

Places of visit in Rajkot

Following are some of the tourist places in this industrial city of Gujarat:

Last Updated on 07 December 2011