Sikkim Telephone Codes

The entire territory of Sikkim can be divided into two telephonic zones, with two Sikkim telephone codes. Sikkim is sparsely populated and many areas being largely rural and quite remote amidst the mountains make telecommunication a rarely used civic amenity. The area of Sikkim, although large, can be catered to with only two STD zones based on the two cities of Gangtok and Gauzing. For callers from abroad, the relevant STD is to follow the ISD code of India, which is +91.

Profile of Sikkim STD Codes

Sikkim telephone codes are extremely important to carry out telephonic conversation with any area of the state. There are two operative telephone codes in Sikkim.

The STD code for :

  • Gangtok is 3592
  • Gauzing is 3595

All the areas in Sikkim can be accessed by putting the relevant Sikkim STD code before the actual phone number of the area.

Last Updated on : 7 March 2013