Kuriachira is a thriving residential area in the city of Thrissur. Located at a distance of just 2 km from the Swaraj Mound, towards the south, it situates itself by the Thalore Bye-Pass Road. In spite of being a residential area, the place is one of the travel attractions in Thrissur for the beautiful outlaying of the region and a number of churches.

The posh residential area of Kuriachira is home to a distinctly shaped circular church, known as the St. Joseph's Church. The noted social reformer Father Vadakkan or Father Vadakkanachan, was a former vicar of this very church and he started his extensive and far reaching work from here. His Pope John Nagar Housing Scheme for the poor gave rise to a lot of exhilaration when Kuriachira became a regular name in the newspapers of Thrissur.

Kuriachira in Thrissur houses the Mar Thimotheus High School, St. Paul's Convent Girls High School, and St. Joseph's Boys High School which are renowned schools of India making Kuriachira an important place.

One can easily reach Kuriachira by cars, buses and other means of transport from the Thrissur city itself. The address is:

God's Own Town
Kuriachira, Thrissur

Last Updated on 17/06/2013