Thrissur Archeological and Art Museum

Thrissur Archeological and Art Museum are the major institutions that display the rich cultural heritage of the region. The entrance in the museums are free to all.

The Archaeological Museum in Thrissur is situated on the Town Hall Road. There are several relics and heirlooms in the museum which are archaeologically important. The museum is open to the general public from 10 am to 5 pm on all weekdays except on Mondays and national holidays. The Trichur Archaeological Museum in Kerala is well known all over the region for its collection of murals and relics from nearly all over the state of Kerala. The museum also has big life-size statues of famous and eminent personalities of the past. There are many models of ancient temples, monuments, etc. One of the main attraction of the museum are manuscripts written on dry palm leaves which are known as the "olagrandhangal". These delicate manuscripts have been preserved by the museum with lot of care. A large number of the artifacts that are displayed in the museum were actually found from the forests of Thrissur and Wayanad district.

The Art Museum is located in a separate building in the Zoo compound of Thrissur. It is interesting to witness the collections of metal sculptures, woodcarvings, paintings, antique jewelery etc. in the museum. People can visit the place from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on all weekdays except on Mondays. It is the best destination to know about the art and culture of the city. Thrissur Archeological and Art Museum is among the main attraction of tourists visiting the city of Thrissur.

Last Updated on 17/06/2013