The Church of Lady of Dolours

The Church of Lady of Dolours is a popular tourist attraction and also a greatly visited pilgrim center of southern India. On 20th May 1992, the Church was consecrated by Cardinal Antony Padiyara as a Basilica. From then onwards it is known as the "Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours".

The Church of Lady of Dolours is located in the religious city of Thrissur in Kerala. The architecture of the church is exceptional with two massive belfries built in Gothic style. The dimension of the church is 370 feet long on the east-west side and 180 feet wide along the north-south side. The church is constructed on a total plinth area of 25,000 sq. ft. A tower of the height of 260 feet is present on the back of the Church.

The main entrance of the Church is massive with beautiful engravings. When one enters through the door one can view the open nave leading to the main altar. The ceiling of the church is adorned with spectacular mural painting of the Holy Trinity. There are a number of rock pillars covered with mosaic on both the sides of the naves.

The Church of Lady of Dolours has 10 altars, which lie close to the main altar. The main altar is grand and is nearly 100 feet high. All the altars are fine pieces of architecture spread adjacent to the main one. The statue of Our Lady of Dolours is placed in the center of the main altar. Besides this statue are the two beautiful statues of Holy angels Raphael and Michael.

Last Updated on 17/06/2013