Thrissur Round

Thrissur Round, also known as Swaraj Round is the central point of the city of Thrissur. The whole of the city branches from here through nine roads. These roads further form junctions to make the spread of the city a circular one. The Thrissur Round encirlces Thekkinkadu maidan, the ground of Teak forest. It also surrounds the sacred hillock on which Lord Shiva presides in the Vadakkunnathan Temple. The elevated temple commands the landscape of Thrissur City.

The Thrissur Round of Thrissur is second in line as the largest circular road circling a ground in India. It makes a city spread like a web,well connected with each other. It is a normal trend to calculate and refer directions and distances from the Thrissur round while in the city. The Thekkinkadu maidan in the Thrissur round serves as the venue for the renowned Thrissur Pooram festival. The Water Authority of Thrissur and a children's park is also situated in the vicinity.

The teak trees of the Thekkinkadu ground are believed to be the few remains of the existing forest that was cleared to rid the entire area off thieves and thugs. The city of Thrissur was thus formed, and this place, one of the main travel attractions in Thrissur, became the focal point of the city.

Last Updated on 17/06/2013