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Climate of Thrissur

The climate of Thrissur is one of the chief components that define the geography of Thrissur. The region lies in the south western coastal state of Kerala in India. The climate in Thrissur is influenced by its location in the region.

The region of Thrissur is located in the geographical coordinates of 10 degrees 32 minutes north and 76 degrees15 minutes east longitude. The coordinates reveal the closeness of the region to the Equator. The distance of the region from the Equator is one of the chief factors that determine the temperature of Thrissur. The city, therefore, does not face a major variation in the temperature. The climatic conditions in Thrissur do not face a drastic change in the summer and winter season. Cold climatic conditions do not prevail in the city of Thrissur.

The maximum average temperature of the city in the summer season is 35 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature recorded is 22.5 degrees Celsius. The winter season records a maximum average of 32.3 degree Celsius and a minimum average of 20 degree Celsius. The city is drained in the monsoonal season by heavy showers. The average annual rainfall recorded in the region is 3500 mm. The tropical climate of Thrissur favors the drapes woven in cotton.

Last Updated on 03/06/2013