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Uttar Pradesh People

Uttar Pradesh people come from a wide range of racial, religious and tribal affiliations and origins. Hindus are in the majority followed by the Muslims. Together they comprise a large part of Uttar Pradesh's people. A great number of indigenous tribal ethnicities and mixed tribes also constitute the demographic distribution of the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Hindus form the majority within the religious groups among the people in Uttar Pradesh. The state has been the forte of the development of Hinduism right from the ancient times. So, it comes as no wonder that Hinduism is rigidly followed by a large number of Uttar Pradesh people. Caste system lies at the center of the practice of Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh, and is still closely followed. The Muslims inhabit the western part of the state. Many of them belong to the upper economic class, deriving their origins to the kings and nawabs. However, many poor Muslims, along with a large number of the lower castes of the Hindus and the tribal groups form the economically backward class within Uttar Pradesh's people. However, there have been attempts to raise their living standards in the recent past, and it still continues to be so. There have been government policies specifically put in place for the advancement of the minority communities and the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

Irrespective of their ethnicities, people of Uttar Pradesh are known for their hospitality and their adherence to tradition. Despite a great degree of caste system at the core of he social construction, there has been a history of tolerance. Uttar Pradesh people have been extremely politically and socially conscious right from the early days. The contribution of Uttar Pradesh people to Indian politics is remembered with respect.

Last Updated on 02/15/2013