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3176, Maharashtra
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INDIAN ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES ( IAS ) INDIAN POLICE SERVICES ( IPS ) INDIAN FOREIGN SERVICES ( IFS ) UPSC MPSC CLASSES IN DADAR MUMBAI Main Branch: UPSC MPSC CLASSES - FLAMINGO IAS - Tarabai Modak School, Near Ruia College, Lakshmi Nappur Road, Hindu Colony,Dadar(E), Mumbai–400 014 UPSC MPSC ENGLISH & MARATHI MEDIUM NOTES AVAILABLE UPSC MPSC GENERAL STUDIES BATCHES – PRELIMES & MAINS 2013 UPSC MPSC - PERSONAL GUIDANCE ============================= UPSC MPSC FOUNDATION COURSES 3 YEARS UPSC MPSC FOUNDATION COURSE FOR 12TH STANDARD STUDENTS 2 YEARS UPSC MPSC FOUNDATION COURSE FOR FIRST YEAR DEGREE STUDENTS ( FY ) 1 YEAR UPSC MPSC FOUNDATION COURSE FOR SECOND YEAR DEGREE STUDENTS ( SY ) UPSC MPSC MONTHLY FOUNDATION TEST SERIES FOR 12TH STANDARD , FIRST YEAR , SECOND YEAR DEGREE STUDENTS =============================== Features To Be Covered In UPSC MPSC and Other Course: How to read newspapers For UPSC MPSC Year book 2013 & Economic Survey 2012-13 For UPSC MPSC Various techniques of Notes Preparation For UPSC MPSC Civil Services Aptitude Test Guidance For UPSC MPSC Guidance for selecting Optional for main exam Other Features For UPSC & MPSC 2013 Practice Tests Available Effective Reading of Newspaper (The Hindu and Economic Times) Overview and Understanding of NCERT Books For UPSC MPSC Economic Survey 2012 For UPSC MPSC India Year Book 2013 For UPSC MPSC Tracking Current Events For UPSC MPSC Micro preparation of Exam related Notes For UPSC MPSC Special emphasis on UPSC MPSC CSAT Study 1. Quantitative Aptitude For UPSC MPSC 2. Data interpretation For UPSC MPSC 3. Verbal / Non-verbal Aptitude For UPSC MPSC 4. Decision Making For UPSC MPSC 5. Reading Comprehension For UPSC MPSC 6. Communication skills For UPSC MPSC 7. Counseling For UPSC MPSC & Other Competitive Exams 8. Interview Guidance For UPSC MPSC UPSC MPSC ENGLISH & MARATHI MEDIUM NOTES FOR CIVIL SERVICES APTITUDE TEST ( CSAT ) AVAILABLE For further details For UPSC MPSC - contact FLAMINGO GROUP (IAS) UPSC MPSC – REGULAR & WEEKEND BATCHES



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TARABAI MODAK SCHOOL, NR.RUIA COLLEGE,MATUNGA, 3176, Maharashtra, India - 400014

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