Weather of Amritsar

The weather of Amritsar in Punjab is very much like the other North Western cities of India. With extreme climatic conditions, weather of Amritsar is marked by very hot summers and freezing cold winters.

The summer season, which stretches from the months of April to August, is very hot and dry and the temperature may rise to an extreme of about 43 degree Centigrade or 116 degree Fahrenheit making the weather of Amritsar a sweaty one. During winter that is from the month of November to March the temperature falls considerably. The temperature in the winters falls to 0 degree Centigrade and sometimes even below that.

The monsoon season and the post- monsoon season last from July to November. The weather of Amritsar during this time is better than the extreme climates of the summer and winter months and it also brings respite from the heat of the preceding months.

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