Tarn Taran

Tarn Taran
The Tarn Taran is one of the most sacred place of worship or Gurudwaras of the Sikhs. The Gurudwara Tarn Taran is located very close to the Amritsar city. One have to cover a distance of only twenty two Kilometers from the south east of the city to reach the divine place.

The Tarn Taran was built in the memory of Guru Ram Das. Constructed in accordance to the Mughal architectural style, the Tatn Tarn Gurudwara was built under Guru Arjan Dev's orders.

The Tarn Tarn near Amritsar is situated beside the holy tank. The big tank is considered as a sacred place and it is believed that the water of the tank has magical healing power. It is said the water acts as the sure cure for the leprosy patients who can swim across the tank.

On the Amavas or no moon day, thousand of pilgrims gather to celebrate a very popular fair, which is held in the temple complex. The crowd swells on other festival days like the Diwali, Baishakhi and the various Guru Parabs.

A large building was erected to provide accommodations to the visiting devotees and pilgrims. A langar khana or commune kitchen is maintained to provide free food for the devotees.

With all these activities going on throughout the year, it is indeed a major Amritsar Tourist Attraction.

Last Updated on : 1/08/2013