Faridkot Fort

The Amritsar tourist attraction flaunts several fabulous locations and Faridkot Fort is one of them. Established near the famous city of Ferozepur, Faridkot Fort attracts the attention of both local and global travelers.

As per the historical records of the Punjab tourist places, Faridkot Fort came into being some 700 years back. As such, this fort of Amritsar claims a distinct mention in the heritage of Punjab.

The main attraction of Faridkot Fort lies in its extraordinary interiors that speak of the magnificent taste and grandeur of the past rulers who built it centuries back.

Among other prime captivating features, Faridkot Fort boasts of its Sheesh Mahals which are embellished with incredibly beautifully mirror works and wall paintings.

The historians say that once upon a time the Sheesh Mahals were specified for prayer sessions of those who inhabited the fort. Tourists who visit Faridkot Fort get mesmerized with the reflections of the mirrors of the Sheesh Mahal. Also the motifs on the interior ceilings and walls of Faridkot Fort remind the tourist of the rich Rajasthani traditions of craftsmanship.

Reaching Faridkot Fort of Amritsar is quite easy as it is just 30 km away from Ferozepur. While touring the most holy shrines of Amritsar - the Golden Temple - tourists more often than not come to Faridkot Fort to have glimpse of the majestic creation of the rulers of the bygone era.

As a whole Faridkot Fort not only captivates the imagination of one and all but also upholds the age-old heritage of Amritsar tourism.

Last Updated on 14 January 2011