Gobindgarh Fort

One of the Amritsar Tourist Attractions, the Gobindgarh Fort is a very important site with immense historical significance. Locally known as the 'Bhangian Da Quila', the fort was constructed in the year 1760.

Historical evidences prove that the fort belonged to Gujjar Singh Bhangi during the early nineteenth century, which gave it the earlier mentioned name.

Several years later, Maharajah Ranjith Singh took the assistance of Jodh Singh to remodel the Gobindgarh Fort. The massive fort was built to safeguard the King's treasures and to protect his subjects.

The Toshakhana was built in the middle of the fort to store huge amount of food provisions for the army with a strength of twelve thousand soldiers.

The British captured the Gobindgarh Fort during their rule. The Gobindgarh Fort was bettered with the addition of Durbar Hall and the Hawa Mahal by the English.

The Phansi Garh still reminds us of the martyrs of the country who were hanged during the freedom movement. The place is visited by thousands who pay homage to their heroes.

At present the Gobindgarh Fort in Amritsar is under the control of Indian Army. They are trying their best to renovate the fort while preserving its actual form. Efforts are on to bring back the glory days of the Gobindgarh Fort.

Last Updated on 14 January 2011