Bathinda Fort

Out of the many enthralling Amritsar Tourist attractions, Bathinda Fort stands in the desert areas of the district. Erected by Bhatti Reo some 1800 years back today Bathinda Fort is a prime tourist spot of Amritsar. The past history of Bathinda Fort shows that Maharaja Ala Singh who was the ruler of Patiala grab its ownership in the year 1754 AD.

Bhatti Reo of Amritsar took the initiative of constructing a fort in the shape of a schooner in a comparatively desert land of the district. As such 1800 years ago the Bathinda Fort came into being in Amritsar.

According to the historical archives of Amritsar, Guru Gobind Singh who was the tenth Master of Sikh followers, visited Bathinda Fort many centuries back. In order to commemorate the appearance of the revered Sikh Guru a gurudwara was also established near the Bathinda Fort.

Since the surroundings of Bathinda Fort comprises of layers of sand dunes hence the edifice and its entire structure seems like a ship. People from all over India and also from countries visit the Bathinda Fort of Amritsar frequently.

The Sikh followers who wish to visit the place where Guru Gobind Singh stepped many years back also come to Bathinda Fort. Global tourists who visit several corners of Punjab also make a tour to Bathinda Fort as a part of the historical sites of Amritsar.

With its grandeur, heritage, religious aura and enigmatic look, Bathinda Fort surely attracts huge number of tourists round the year within its premises.

Last Updated on 14 January 2011