Ram Bagh

One of the beautiful Amritsar tourist attractions, Ram Bagh is not merely a garden but a slice of the rich historical significance of the city.

It is located around the wonderful palace constructed by Maharajah Ranjith Singh. Fondly called 'The Lion of Punjab', Ranjith Singh built the place as his summer abode.

The magnificently planned Ram Bagh was designed under the king's supervision and he named the place after Guru Ram Das. It was his way to pay tribute to the respected religious leader.

Maharajah Ranjith Singh is no more but his summer palace is still there to remind us of the glory days.

Today the palace has been modified into a lovely museum. The most interesting of the displayed items of the museum is the replica of Kohinoor - the largest diamond in the world.

One can also see the life size paintings of Punjabi Royal buildings and arms used during the Mughal period. The majestic gate of the palace still impresses the visitors.

The palace has more surprises in store. It is built in such a way that it stays cool without any external machinery system. An imposing statue of the Maharaja riding a horse enhances the show of the garden.

Last Updated on 14 January 2011