Bikaner Health

Bikaner Health has always been an area of great concern of the government. The sudden outbreak of clinical cholera in the year 1994, possibly due to the occurrence of a sudden burst of driving rains and the environmental imbalance caused by the Indira Nahar Pariyojana alarmed the government considerably. Since then the health officials have taken adequate measures to titivate the city's health facilities.

The Bikaner health department lays great stress on personal hygiene and sanitation. The health department periodically issues brochures and circulars that emphasis on the importance of clean and healthy habits. Citizens are asked to adhere to proper cooking practices and store the food in pest free air tight containers, wash their hands with care and also stay away from pestilential zones. People are also advised to exercise regularly, follow a balanced and ensure that their neighborhoods are devoid of odoriferous garbage and other germs.

Bikaner health department has also enforced stringent regulatory measures that have prompted the Bikaner hospitals to spruce up their health and sanitation facilities. The health officials keep a strict vigil on the various hospitals and health care centers in the city.

Several top notch hospitals are now mushrooming in the city. These hospitals are a part of the nation's leading hospital chains and are thereby endowed with state of the art medical equipment, excellent treatment facilities and highly qualified staff.

Periodic health camps and blood donation camps are also organized. The conscientious health officials also visit several schools and educational institutes in order to augment people's knowledge and awareness on health issues. The department of health, Bikaner also gives substantial importance to women and child health care in the city.


There are several small hospitals as well as dispensaries that are dispersed in all corners of the city as well as its outskirts. This can be credited as the path breaking initiative of Maharja Ganga Singh Ji, who realized the urgent need of a health care unit in the city in the early 1900's. The year 1937 was a turning point in Bikaner's medical history when several leading hospitals were established in Bikaner. He also employed an excellent set of doctors who specialized in General Medicine, Radiology and Pathology.

The Bikaner health department keeps a strict vigil on the hospitals of Bikaner. There are several hospitals in Bikaner that are undertakings of the nation's leading hospital chains. Thus they are endowed with state of the art medical equipments, the latest treatment facilities as well as battery of highly qualified doctors. The city also has several government hospitals, a pediatrics hospital as well as a tuberculosis hospital, solely for patients quarantined with the fatal disease.

Bikaner is also the proud owner of several health centers to cater to the rural patients. The persistent endeavors of the government has ensured that the Bikaner health centers are well equipped with medicines, syringes as well as surgical equipments.

A list of the Bikaner hospitals is hereby provided:
  • P.B.M. hospital
  • Child hospital
  • T.B. hospital:
  • Satellite hospital
  • M N hospital
  • Chalana hospital
  • Kothari Medical and Research center
  • Railway hospital

Last Updated on 08/1/2013