Geography of Bikaner

To know more about Bikaner, it is very essential to have an idea of the geography of Bikaner. The historic area lies very close to the Thar Desert. Bikaner is situated north to another famous city - Jaisalmer.

The Bikaner City has a geographical location of East Longitude 28º1' and North Latitude 73º19'. Situated at an average altitude of 797 Feet, Bikaner witnesses extreme temperatures. The summers in Bikaner are unbearably hot with temperatures rising above the 48º Centigrade mark. In the winters, the temperatures come down near 4º Centigrade.

The city of Bikaner lies within the Western Desert Region of the state of Rajasthan . The scarcity of water has effected the vegetation of the area. Similar to other desert areas, mostly cactus and thorny bushes grow in this region. The soil type of the area is basically alkaline. Saline soil with calcareous base is also seen in Bikaner. Some seasonal dwarf trees, few types of shrubs and grasses also grow here.

Agriculture in this part of Rajasthan includes few Rabi and Kharif crops like wheat, mustard, Bajra and pulses.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011