Bikaner University

The Bikaner University forms the backbone of the Bikaner Education. The University of Bikaner was established in the year 2003 and soon earned its place among the leading universities of the state. It provides excellent infrastructural facilities for its students and research fellows.

Not only the colleges of Bikaner, but several colleges from the districts of Hanumangarh, Churu and Sriganganagar are also affiliated with the Bikaner University. Some of the colleges in Bikaner and the adjoining areas that are affiliated to the University of Bikaner are:
  • B.J.S.R. Jain College
  • Basic College
  • Binani Kanya Mahavidyalaya
  • Dungar College
  • Gyan Vidhi Mahavidyalaya
  • I.A.S.E.
  • Y, M. Law College
  • Jagdamba Mahila College
  • Shri S.R. College
  • Shri Dwarka Physical T.T.College, Nalbari
  • M.L.B. Government College, Nokha
  • Shri Jain Adarsh Kanya College, Nokha
  • Dungargarh Mahavidyalaya, Sridungargarh
  • Keen College
  • M.N. Institute ff Applied Science
  • M.S. College for Women
  • N.S.P. Evening College
  • Rajasthan Mahila T.T.College
  • Shri Jain Girls College
  • Shri Jain P.G.College
  • T.M. College of Bio-Science
  • University Law Department
The Bikaner university offers various courses in different streams like ABST, MBA, EAFM, BA. MA, BSC, MSC, B Ed, Med, BBA, PGDSM, LLB, LLM, MCM and several other degree and diploma courses.

Apart from the academics, the University of Bikaner also encourages research and developmental works. The university boasts of some eminent research supervisors in different branches of knowledge and a research committee headed by the Vice Chancellor.

Maharaja Ganga Singh University Formerly University of Bikaner
N.H. 15, Jaisalmer Road, Bikaner-334001 0151-2212044

S. No.Dist.Name of CollegeAddressCategoryType
1BKNAmcap School of ManagementBikanerUGAcademic
2BKNB.J.S.Rampuria Jain College BikanerPGAcademic
3BKNBasic College BikanerPGAcademic
4BKNBinani Kanya Mahavidyalya BikanerPGAcademic
5BKNElite PG CollegeBikanerPGAcademic
6BKNEngineering CollegeBikanerUGAcademic
7BKNGovt. College of Engineering & TechnologyBikanerUGAcademic
8BKNGovt. Dungar College BikanerPGAcademic
9BKNKeen College BikanerPGAcademic
10BKNMarudhar College of Sciences, Raisar, BikanerBikanerUGAcademic
11BKNM.N. Institute of Applied Science BikanerPGAcademic
12BKNM.S. College for Women BikanerPGAcademic
13BKNN.S.P. (PG) College BikanerPGAcademic
14BKNSeth Rawat Mal Bothra Girls College BikanerUGAcademic
15BKNShri Jain Girls College Bikaner PGAcademic
16BKNShri Jain P. G. CollegeBikanerPGAcademic
17BKNT. M. College of Bio-Science BikanerPGAcademic
18BKNM.D. Degree CollegeBajjuUGAcademic
19BKNJagdamba College KhajuwalaUGAcademic
20BKNS.D. CollegeKhajuwalaUGAcademic
21BKNS.K.S. Chandi CollegeKhajuwalaUGAcademic
22BKNShiva Girls CollegeKhajuwalaUGAcademic
23BKNBalaji Degree CollegeLoonkaransarUGAcademic
24BKNM. L. B. Govt. College NokhaUGAcademic
25BKNShri Jain Adarsh Kanya CollegeNokhaUGAcademic
26BKNShri Dungargarh Mahavidyalaya SridungargarhUGAcademic
27BKNSesomu Girls CollegeSridungargarhUGAcademic
28BKNAdesh College Srikolayat UGAcademic
29CHURUSmt. Parmeshwari Devi College BidasarUGAcademic
30CHURUCarrier CollegeChuruUGAcademic
31CHURUChuru Balika Mahavidyalaya ChuruPGAcademic
32CHURUGovt. Lohia College ChuruPGAcademic
33CHURUPragati Kisan College, ChandgothiChuruUGAcademic
34CHURUS.S.C. Balaram Arya Girls College, Chandgothi, ChuruUGAcademic
35CHURUNew Rajasthan Balika MahavidyalyaGhanghuUGAcademic
36CHURUBharti Vidyapeeth CollegeRajaldesarUGAcademic
37CHURUB.R.M.R. Girls College, Shyopura, PO.- LasediRajgarhUGAcademic
38CHURUChandgi Ram College, Berasar ChotaRajgarhUGAcademic
39CHURUMohta College RajgarhPGAcademic
40CHURUS. J. A. (Tola) Smriti Mahavidyalaya RajgarhUGAcademic
41CHURUYukta Bindal College, Taranagar RoadRajgarhUGAcademic
42CHURUTagore Gramothan College, RatanpuraRajgarhUGAcademic
43CHURUR.S. Memorial Girls CollegeRampura BeriUGAcademic
44CHURUTilak CollegeRampuraUGAcademic
45CHURUBalika Mahavidyalya, SitsarRatangarhUGAcademic
46CHURUGovernment College RatangarhUGAcademic
47CHURUMaruti Girls CollegeRatangarhUGAcademic
48CHURUSmt. Kesri Devi Lohia Govt. Girls College RatangarhUGAcademic
49CHURUSwami Commerce CollegeRatangarhUGAcademic
50CHURUGlobal CollegeSadulpurUGAcademic
51CHURURajasthan College, Sankhu RoadSadulpurPGAcademic
52CHURUKalpana Chawala Kanya MahavidhyalyaSahawaUGAcademic
53CHURURajasthan CollegeSahawaUGAcademic
54CHURUShiva Smart CollegeSahawaUGAcademic
55CHURUJasveer Memorial CollegeSandwaUGAcademic
56CHURUKothari CollegeSankhan Tal UGAcademic
57CHURUAdarsh College, Near Tantia KuwaSardarshaharUGAcademic
58CHURUCh. A.R. College, W. No. 19, Bukansar BassSardarshaharUGAcademic
59CHURUK.K.C. CollegeSardarshaharUGAcademic
60CHURUS. B. D. Govt. CollegeSardarshaharUGAcademic
61CHURUSmt. K. D. G. D. Mittal Kanya MahavidyalayaSardarshaharPGAcademic
62CHURUCh. M.S. Tandi Memorial Girls CollegeSidhmukhUGAcademic
63CHURURenesans CollegeSidhmukhUGAcademic
64CHURUSBN Degree CollegeSidhmukhUGAcademic
65CHURUG. H. S. Govt. (PG) CollegeSujangarhPGAcademic
66CHURUSh. R.N. Girls College, SalasarSujangarhUGAcademic
67CHURUS. D. S. Girls (PG) CollegeSujangarhPGAcademic
68CHURUSh. Chandrashekhar CollegeSujangarhUGAcademic
69CHURUAdarsh Mahila MahavidhyalyaTaranagarUGAcademic
70CHURUChoudhary M.S. Memorial CollegeTaranagarUGAcademic
71CHURUGovernment CollegeTaranagarUGAcademic
72CHURUSaraswati Girls CollegeTaranagarUGAcademic
73CHURUSh. Nehru Girls CollegeTaranagarUGAcademic
74CHURUTagore CollegeTaranagarUGAcademic
75HNMHBhadra Century College, BhadraBhadraUGAcademic
76HNMHChandu Ram Suthar Memorial College, ChhanibadiBhadraUGAcademic
77HNMHPrerna Girls College, GandhibariBhadraUGAcademic
78HNMHEklavya Vidhyapith MahavidyalyaBhadraUGAcademic
79HNMHHeritage Girls CollegeBhadraUGAcademic
80HNMHJaharvir Goga Ji National Girls College, Nivan, BhadraBhadraUGAcademic
81HNMHM. R. S. Srikrishan Parnam Kanya MahavidyalayaBhadraUGAcademic
82HNMHMaharaja Agarsen College,BhadraUGAcademic
83HNMHSardar Vallabh Bhai Patel MahavidyalayaBhadraUGAcademic
84HNMHSeth Ganpat Ram Laxmi Devi College, DabriBhadraUGAcademic
85HNMHShri Shyam Mahila CollegeBhadraUGAcademic
86HNMHShri Parshu Ram College, DungaranaBhadraUGAcademic
87HNMHVivekanand CollegeBhadra UGAcademic
88HNMHD.A.V. Girls College GoluwalaUGAcademic
89HNMHSwami Vivekanand CollegeGoluwalaUGAcademic
90HNMHSardar Bhagat Singh CollegeGoluwalaUGAcademic
91HNMHBaby Happy Modern Degree College, Hanumangarh Jn.HanumangarhUGAcademic
92HNMHDoon Girls CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
93HNMHIndian Instit.of Manag. and Technolgy Girls CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
94HNMHKaruna CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
95HNMHM.D. CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
96HNMHN. M. (PG) CollegeHanumangarhPGAcademic
97HNMHSanskar International CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
98HNMHSaraswati Girls CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
99HNMHShri Gurunanak Khalsa CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
100HNMHShri Mahavir Jain Girls College, Hanumangarh TownHanumangarhUGAcademic
101HNMHThar Co-Education CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
102HNMHTimes CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
103HNMHVyapar Mandal Girls CollegeHanumangarhUGAcademic
104HNMHS.D. Degree CollegeJakhrawaliUGAcademic
105HNMHRajasthan College for Higher EducationJhandawaliUGAcademic
106HNMHBal Vikas Adarsh Mahavidyalaya, Chakdai das PuraNoharUGAcademic
107HNMHGargi Kanya MahavidyalayaNoharUGAcademic
108HNMHM.D. College, PhephanaNoharUGAcademic
109HNMHM.D. College, ThalarkaNoharUGAcademic
110HNMHN.D.B. Govt. CollegeNoharPGAcademic
111HNMHNohar Degree College, NoharUGAcademic
112HNMHRadha Krishan Girls CollegeNoharUGAcademic
113HNMHSanskar CollegeNoharUGAcademic
114HNMHRohit Girls College, ThalarkaNoharUGAcademic
115HNMHGyan Jyoti Girls College PilibangaUGAcademic
116HNMHI.G.M. CollegePilibangaUGAcademic
117HNMHShripati Kanya MahavidhyalyaPilibangaUGAcademic
118HNMHKeshav CollegePilibangaUGAcademic
119HNMHVivekanand College, JakhrawaliPilibangaUGAcademic
120HNMHDr. Rajendra Prasad Shah Shiksha CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
121HNMHDharohar CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
122HNMHIndian CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
123HNMHM.D. CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
124HNMHApex Co-Edu. College, ChaiyaRawatsarUGAcademic
125HNMHMarudhar Mahila Vidhyapeeth College, PalluRawatsarUGAcademic
126HNMHRajasthan College, PalluRawatsarUGAcademic
127HNMHAdarsh College, Sardarpura KhalsaRawatsarUGAcademic
128HNMHBasic College RawatsarUGAcademic
129HNMHGurukul CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
130HNMHSaraswati Vidya Niketan Girls CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
131HNMHShri Ravindra Nath Tagore Girls CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
132HNMHVedic Co-Edu. CollegeRawatsarUGAcademic
133HNMHAlliance CollegeSangariaUGAcademic
134HNMHG.V. Home Science CollegeSangariaPGAcademic
135HNMHMeera Kanya PG MahavidyalayaSangariaPGAcademic
136HNMHSwami Keshwanand G.V. CollegeSangariaPGAcademic
137HNMHAdrash Gramin College, Mirjawalimeer.TibbiUGAcademic
138HNMHKaswan Kanya CollegeTibbiUGAcademic
139HNMHBaba Ram Dev Girls CollegeTopariaUGAcademic
140SGNRCh. Mota Ram Meel Memorial Girls College.5 NRD, NirwanaUGAcademic
141SGNRM. M. D. Bedi Girls CollegeAnupgarhUGAcademic
142SGNRS.G.N. Khalsa CollegeAnupgarhUGAcademic
143SGNRSharda College of Arts & ScienceAnupgarhUGAcademic
144SGNRShri Guru Teg Bahadur CollegeAnupgarhUGAcademic
145SGNRSaraswati Girls CollegeBeenjh BaylaUGAcademic
146SGNRSaraswati Girls College,Chunawad UGAcademic
147SGNRM.M. Saraswati College, 24 F.F.GajsinghpurUGAcademic
148SGNRParamanand Degree CollegeGajsinghpurUGAcademic
149SGNRS. G. N. Kanya CollegeGajsinghpurUGAcademic
150SGNRShri Trimurti Degree CollegeGharsanaUGAcademic
151SGNRChoudhary K. R. Kanya CollegeGharsanaUGAcademic
152SGNRNational Kanya Mahavidyalaya GharsanaUGAcademic
153SGNRS.K. College, New MandiGharsanaUGAcademic
154SGNRSarvesh College, New MandiGharsanaUGAcademic
155SGNRH.K.M. (PG) CollegeGharsanaPGAcademic
156SGNRM.G. Memorial CollegeJetsarUGAcademic
157SGNRMaa Saraswati Girls College, JetsarUGAcademic
158SGNRS.G.N. Khalsa Girl CollegeKesharisinghpurUGAcademic
159SGNRMaharaja Ganga Singh CollegeKesharisinghpurUGAcademic
160SGNRBhagwati Girls CollegeLalgarh JattanUGAcademic
161SGNRGurukul Institute of Post Graduate & ResearchLalpura, SuratgarhPGAcademic
162SGNRMeera Girls CollegeMirzawalaUGAcademic
163SGNRJagdamba College MahiyawaliUGAcademic
164SGNRAgarsen Degree CollegePadampurUGAcademic
165SGNRCh. Motaram Meel Memorial College, 74 L.N.P.PadampurUGAcademic
166SGNRGuru Hargobind Sahib College, C.C. Head,PadampurUGAcademic
167SGNRGurmeet Singh G.D. Kanya MahavidyalayaPadampurPGAcademic
168SGNRSri Sant Prannath PG CollegePadampurPGAcademic
169SGNRShakuntlam college (chak 22 PS)RaisinghnagarUGAcademic
170SGNRM.D. (PG) Girls CollegeRaisinghnagarPGAcademic
171SGNRS.B.S. CollegeRaisinghnagarUGAcademic
172SGNRSanjivani CollegeRaisinghnagarUGAcademic
173SGNRM.J. Kumeria CollegeRawla MandiUGAcademic
174SGNRShri Swami Vivekanand Co-Education CollegeRawla MandiUGAcademic
175SGNRJ.B. Degree CollegeRawla MandiUGAcademic
176SGNRGovt. Girls CollegeSadulsahsharPGAcademic
177SGNRKhalsa Girls CollegeSadulshaharUGAcademic
178SGNRMahila (PG) MahavidyalayaSadulsahsharPGAcademic
179SGNRSubhash Chandra Bose CollegeSadulshaharUGAcademic
180SGNRCh. S.R. College, PatrodaSriganganagarUGAcademic
181SGNRChoudhary B. R. G. Govt. (Girls) CollegeSriganganagarPGAcademic
182SGNRDr. B.R. Ambedkar Govt. P. G. (Boys) CollegeSriganganagarPGAcademic
183SGNRDr. Radhakrishnan Girls CollegeSriganganagarUGAcademic
184SGNRMaharishi Dayanand (PG) CollegeSriganganagarPGAcademic
185SGNRS.G.N. Khalsa (PG) CollegeSriganganagarPGAcademic
186SGNRSaraswati Shikshan Sadan Mahavidyalaya SriganganagarPGAcademic
187SGNRSeth G. L. Bihani S. D. (PG) CollegeSriganganagarPGAcademic
188SGNRSri Atam Vallabh Jain Girls CollegeSriganganagarUGAcademic
189SGNRSri Arorvansh Girls CollegeSriganganagarUGAcademic
190SGNRSri Guru Nanak Girls CollegeSriganganagarUGAcademic
191SGNRShah Satnam Mahila CollegeShrigurusar ModiyaUGAcademic
192SGNRGuru Govind Singh Khalsa Girls CollegeSrikaranpurUGAcademic
193SGNRGyan Jyoti CollegeSrikaranpurUGAcademic
194SGNRMata Gujri Girls CollegeSrikaranpurUGAcademic
195SGNRDada Pommaram (PG) Kanya MahavidyalayaSrivijaynagarPGAcademic
196SGNRShri Ramnarayan Dixit Degree CollegeSrivijaynagarUGAcademic
197SGNRShree Vinayak College, 32 G.B.SrivijaynagarUGAcademic
198SGNRGovernment CollegeSuratgarhPGAcademic
199SGNRMata Jeetoji Girls CollegeSuratgarhUGAcademic
200SGNRSuratgarh P.G. CollegeSuratgarhPGAcademic
201SGNRTagore CollegeSuratgarhUGAcademic
202BKNI.A.S.E. BikanerM.Ed.B.Ed.
203BKNM.N. Institute of Teacher's TrainingBikanerB.Ed.B.Ed.
204BKNPandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay T.T. CollegeBikaner B.Ed.B.Ed.
205BKNPink Model T.T. CollegeBikaner B.Ed.B.Ed.
206BKNRajasthan Mahila T.T. College, Bikaner B.Ed.B.Ed.
207BKNRajasthan T.T. College Jaipur-Jodhpur Bypass Road BikanerB.Ed.B.Ed.
208BKNRashtra Udaya T.T. CollegeBikanerB.Ed.B.Ed.
209BKNShri S.R. Shikshan SansthanLunkaransarB.Ed.B.Ed.
210BKNShri Dwarka Physical T. T. College NaalB.Ed.B.Ed.
211BKNMaa Karni B.Ed. College, NaalB.Ed.B.Ed.
212BKNShri Jain Adarsh B.Ed. CollegeNokhaB.Ed.B.Ed.
213BKNShri Adarsh B.Ed. College, Bigga, ShridungargarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
214BKNSwami Vivekanand T.T. College Sinthal B.Ed.B.Ed.
215BKNMurli Singh Yadav Memorial T.T. CollegeUdairamsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
216CHURUCareer T.T. College, Plot No. 28-29, Bissau Road ChuruB.Ed.B.Ed.
217CHURUIndian T.T. CollegeChuru B.Ed.B.Ed.
218CHURUModern Teachers Training CollegeChuruB.Ed.B.Ed.
219CHURUSarswati Vidhya Mandir.Lambore BariB.Ed.B.Ed.
220CHURUC.R. Memorial T.T. College, Taranagar Road RajgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
221CHURUIndia Mahila T.T. College RatangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
222CHURUAsha Devi College of Education SadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
223CHURUChaudhary B .Ed. CollegeSadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
224CHURUIdeal Shiksha Sansthan, Hissar Road, SadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
225CHURULaheri T.T. College, 237 Hisar RoadSadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
226CHURULord's International T.T.CollegeSadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
227CHURURajasthan T.T. College, Sankhantal Road, SadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
228CHURUSmt. Rama Devi T.T. College, SadulpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
229CHURUSubhash Chandra Bose T.T. College,Sahwa B.Ed.B.Ed.
230CHURUAbhilasha T.T.CollegeSandwaB.Ed.B.Ed.
231CHURUJasveer Memorial T.T. CollegeSandwaB.Ed.B.Ed.
232CHURUMalaram Kothari T.T. CollegeSankhan Tal B.Ed.B.Ed.
233CHURUKothari T.T. College,Sankhan Tal B.Ed.B.Ed.
234CHURUSarswati Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Behind Police StationSardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
235CHURUShri Bhartiya Adarsh Vidhya Peeth T.T. CollegeSardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
236CHURUShri Hari Shikshan Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, SardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
237CHURUShri Mahaveer T.T. College, SardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
238CHURUSwami Sevanand T.T. CollegeSardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
239CHURUVishwa Bharti Teachers Training CollegeSardarshaharB.Ed.B.Ed.
240CHURUSant Nekiram T.T.CollegeSitsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
241CHURUVivekanand Vidhya Ashram T.T. College, Katar ChotiSujangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
242CHURUParmanand Trilokchand T.T. CollegeSujangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
243CHURUAdarsh Mahila B.Ed. MahavidhyalyaTaranagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
244CHURUCh. M.S.Memorial T.T.CollegeTaranagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
245CHURUDev T.T. CollegeTaranagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
246CHURUSh. Amichand Memorial T.T.CollegeTaranagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
247CHURUShri Nehru T.T. CollegeTaranagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
248HNMHArya College of EducationBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
249HNMHBal Gangadhar Tilak Shiksha SansthanBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
250HNMHCh. Parma Ram Godara T.T. CollegeBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
251HNMHSardar Vallabh Bhai. Patel T.T. CollegeBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
252HNMHSh. Shyam Shikshak Prashikshan MahavidhyalayaBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
253HNMHShyam T.T. College, BhadraBhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
254HNMHVivekanand T.T. College, BhadraB.Ed.B.Ed.
255HNMHB.R. Choudhary T.T. College, GoluwalaB.Ed.B.Ed.
256HNMHBaby Happy T.T. CollegeHanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
257HNMHCh. Mani Ram College of B.Ed. HanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
258HNMHM.S.D. College of EducationHanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
259HNMHKaruna Shikshan Prashikshan Mahavidhyalaya HanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
260HNMHSanskar International Women T.T. CollegeHanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
261HNMHShri Guru Nanak Khalsa T.T. CollegeHanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
262HNMHSwami Vivekanand T.T. College,HanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
263HNMHTimes Mahila Shiksha MahavidhiyalayaHanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
264HNMHSaraswati Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalaya HanumangarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
265HNMHBaba Mast Nath Institute of Education Training & Research.NathwaliB.Ed.B.Ed.
266HNMHMohan Lal Sahewal Smriti Institution 4 B.K.K., BhujarkaNoharB.Ed.B.Ed.
267HNMHSanskar T.T. College, Ward No. 23, NoharB.Ed.B.Ed.
268HNMHGeeta Jyoti T.T. College, 36 M.O.D. Kachiya Post- KothwaliPilibangaB.Ed.B.Ed.
269HNMHIndira Gandhi Memorial B.Ed. College, PilibangaB.Ed.B.Ed.
270HNMHGuru Jambheshwar Adarsh B.Ed. College, Uttaradh BassRawatsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
271HNMHIndira Priydarshini T.T. College, Chak-8, Nohar Road, RawatsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
272HNMHChoudhary P.R. T.T. CollegeRawatsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
273HNMHM.D. B.Ed. College, Pallu, RawatsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
274HNMHChoudhary T.T. CollegeRawatsarB.Ed.B.Ed.
275HNMHD.R. Mahila T.T. CollegeSangariaB.Ed.B.Ed.
276HNMHGramotthan Vidyapeeth T. T. CollegeSangariaB.Ed.B.Ed.
277HNMHManavMangal College of EducationSangariaB.Ed.B.Ed.
278SGNRCh. Mota Ram Meel Memorial College of Education5 NRD, NirwanaB.Ed.B.Ed.
279SGNRShri S.R. B.Ed. College, Patroda AnupgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
280SGNRMata Mohani Devi Bedi T.T. College, AnupgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
281SGNRParmanand Degree College for B.Ed. GajsinghpurB.Ed.B.Ed.
282SGNRShri Shiv Co-Education T.T. College, Chak 3 S.T.R., New MandiGharsanaB.Ed.B.Ed.
283SGNRGeeta Co-Education T.T. College, GharsanaB.Ed.B.Ed.
284SGNRPatel Co-Education T.T. College, Chak 3 S.T.R., 24 A.S.C. New MandiGharsanaB.Ed.B.Ed.
285SGNRBharti T.T. CollegeNathwalaB.Ed./M.Ed.B.Ed.
286SGNRGuru Hargovind Sahib Shiksha Mahavidhyalaya, 12 B.B.PadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
287SGNRHarnamdas Lekhraj Institute of Education, Chak 24, B.B., PadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
288SGNRMaa Saraswati T.T. College, 30 B.B., 4 J.J., Via-Gajsinghpur, PadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
289SGNRSurendra Kaur Memorial T.T. College, PadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
290SGNRSant Shri Prannath B.Ed. CollegePadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
291SGNRG.S.G.D. Girls Shikshak Prashikshan CollegePadampurB.Ed.B.Ed.
292SGNRD.A.V. T.T. College, RaisinghnagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
293SGNRM.D.M. Co-Education B.Ed. College, 12 T.K.RaisinghnagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
294SGNRSeth Dharmchand Insttute of Teachers Training RaisinghnagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
295SGNRSanatan Dharm Mahila B.Ed. College, Ravindra Path, SriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
296SGNRShiva College of Education 10S.D.P., Lalgarh Jatan, SriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
297SGNRDadhimati Mahila T. T. CollegeSriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
298SGNRM.B.M. B.Ed.CollegeSriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
299SGNRMaharshi Dayanand B.Ed. CollegeSriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
300SGNRMata Gujri Khalsa T.T. College, SriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
301SGNRSaraswati Shikshan Sadan Mahila Shiksan Parshiksha CollegeSriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
302SGNRSeth Sushil Kumar Bihani S. D. T.T. CollegeSriganganagarB.Ed.B.Ed.
303SGNRShri Ganganagar Shikshan Prashikshan CollegeSriganganagarM.Ed.B.Ed.
304SGNRJ.B. Teachers Training Institute 23 P.T.P.SadulsahsharB.Ed.B.Ed.
305SGNRMurtidevi Memorial B.Ed. College, Chak 4 SDSSadulsahsharB.Ed.B.Ed.
306SGNRGurukul Instittute of T.T. & Research, Lalpura, Paliwala, SuratgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
307SGNRSuratgarh T.T. CollegeSuratgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
308SGNRTagore Mahila T.T. CollegeSuratgarhB.Ed.B.Ed.
309BKNB.J.S.Rampuria Jain Law CollegeBikanerLAW (PG)LAW
310BKNGovernment Law College BikanerLAW (PG)LAW
311BKNGyan Vidhi Mahavidyalya BikanerLAW (PG)LAW
312CHURUGovernment Law College ChuruLAW (PG)LAW
313HNMHN. M. Law CollegeHanumangarhLAW (PG)LAW
314SGNRGovernment Law CollegeSriganganagarLAW (UG)LAW
315SGNRM.D. Law CollegeSriganganagarLAW (PG)LAW
316SGNRS.G.N. Khalsa Law CollegeSriganganagarLAW (PG)LAW
317SGNRSeth G. L. Bihani S.D. Law CollegeSriganganagarLAW (PG)LAW

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What step must be taken to combat the challenges of plastic waste management ? What will be its impact ? What step must be taken to combat the challenges of plastic waste management ? What will be its impact ?Ques: What step must be taken to combat the challenges of plastic waste management ? What will be its impact ? Ans : Ten states of India are sending their… Read More...
What does the line, oceans turning 'irreversibly into a thin soup 1 of plastic', suggest ? What does the line, oceans turning 'irreversibly into a thin soup 1 of plastic', suggest ?Ques: What does the line, oceans turning 'irreversibly into a thin soup 1 of plastic', suggest ? Ans : It means that there is a lot of plastic floating in… Read More...
What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ? What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ?Ques: What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ? Ans : India's trajectory of plastic consumption and waste would increase. Read More...
What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ? What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ?Ques: What does the upward trend of the graph indicate ? Ans : India's trajectory of plastic consumption and waste would increase. Read More...