Bikaner fairs and festivals

Bikaner fairs and festivals reflect the dynamic and vibrant cultural heritage of the place. There are a number of festivals that are celebrated in Bikaner from a very long time such as Gangaur and Kolyat Fair.

The Gangaur festival of Bikaner is a major occasion of the place which is followed for 18 complete days.

Womenfolk of Bikaner are seen dancing in a procession during the Gangaur festival which is celebrated to pay respect to Goddess Parvati - the wife of Lord Shiva. The females of the place worship Devi Parvati in the wee hours, during the 18 days in which this colorful festival is followed in Bikaner.

Kolyat Fair is another interesting event of Bikaner. The Kolyat lake is the place where the people of Bikaner come to take a dip to sanctify themselves on the day of the fair.

Kolyat fair is celebrated in the Kartik month and on the full moon day hundreds of local inhabitants visit the lake in Bikaner.

Apart from Kolyat and Gangaur festival, Bikaner has the tradition of many more festivals. The festival of Holi is one such occasion when the entire city of Bikaner becomes a colorful platform of celebration. The people of Bikaner indulge themselves in throwing colors on each other and exchange sweets.

The Camel Festival is one of the oldest events of Bikaner. Several exciting competitions are organized during the camel festival in Bikaner. From camel milking and races to acrobatics by camels, the festival has a lot of thrilling appeals for the spectators of Bikaner.

Bikaner fairs and festivals are known for their multi-hued attractions.

Last Updated on 19 December 2011