Bundi to Bijolia

The Bundi to Bijolia excursion is memorable for the ancient Bijolia fort and the city contained within. Bijolia is 50 kilometers distant from Bundi. It is connected to Bundi via road and rail. Self driven visitors are required to take the Bundi Chittaurgarh Road.

Temple City

Bijolia flourished during the Chauhan period in its history. A number of Shiva Temples were constructed in the 9th century. The prominent temple is the Hajaresvara Mahadeva Temple. The Hajaresvara contains a tall linga encircled by smaller lingas.

Other notable Hindu places of worship in Bijolia include the Baijnath, Undeswar Mahadeva, and Mahakala temples. Travelers participating in the Bundi to Bijolia excursion may also visit the Mandakini Kund. The Mandakini Kund is a water tank whose water is supposed to have divine properties.

The temples in Bijolia are characterized by carved arched entrances. The archway of the Bijolia temples are adorned by the image of the Hindu God Ganesha. Ganesha symbolizes a guardian or protector of the temples.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012