Jait Sagar Lake

A visit to the Jait Sagar Lake is one of the most popular excursions that can be undertaken from the town of Bundi in Rajasthan. Bundi is one of the less explored and less frequented cities in Rajasthan . There are many places of attractions in the city that speak of the rich traditional and cultural heritage of the city. Apart from the attractions in the city, there are many places in close proximity to Bundi, which can be visited on a short excursion.

Located at a distance of three kilometers from Bundi, the Jait Sagar Lake can be reached via rickshaws or buses. The Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi is situated in a beautiful natural setting. Mountains surround the lake from all sides. The lake was actually built by Jaita Meena. The beautiful fountain in the lake presents a beautiful sight to the spectators at night.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012