Ratan Daulat

Ratan Daulat is a major spot of attraction in the small yet elegant city of Bundi in Rajasthan . The grand monument in Bundi stands as a testimonial to the chivalry and grand achievements of the great Rajput rulers. Raja Rao Ratan Singh, who was one of the noble and brave Rajput kings, constructed Ratan Daulat in Bundi.

Ratan Daulat at Bundi stands as an exceptional monument for the innovation that is involved in its construction and design. The Rajput king had immense talent and vision and that is reflected in the architecture of the structure.

Ratan Daulat, Bundi has a stable that can accommodate nine horses. A royal look had been imparted to the entire structure. There are beautiful and complex carvings on the coaches in the stable, with a horse in front of each of them. The Hatia Pol is another important feature of the Ratan Daulat of Bundi, Rajasthan.

Prior permission has to be sought from the authorities to make a visit to Ratan Daulat, Rajasthan.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012