Dabhai Kund

Dabhai Kund in Bundi is considered to be one of the largest kunds in Bundi, Rajasthan . It is one of the most popular and frequented places of attractions in the city. These kunds are nothing but steep wells that were constructed by the Rajput royal kings.

Prithviraj Chauhan constructed Dabhai Kund in Bundi. The steep wells stand evidence to the glory of such Rajput kings and royal members. Also known as the Jail Kund, this is a must visit destination for tourists frequenting Bundi.

The level of the water in the steep wells was quite deep. There are many steps that lead to the Dabhai Kund at Bundi. There are many intricate carvings that can be seen on the staircases that ultimately lead to the Dabhai Kund, Bundi. Apart from Dabhai Kund you can also visit other famous tourist attractions of the city such as Sukh Mahal, Taragarh Fort, Nawal Sagar Lake,

Last Updated on : December 06, 2012