Food in Bundi

The food in Bundi is typically Rajasthani cuisine- spicy and sinfully delicious. Almost all Bundi food involves cooking the edible ingredients in pure ghee or clarified butter.

Vegetarian Food
Bundi cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Dal-bati is the staple food of the region. Dal-bati is a wheat based dish filled with spicy lentils. The concoction is fried in clarified butter. A number of mouth-watering sweet dishes are also prepared. The partial list of Bundi cuisine includes the following dishes:
  • Panchkoota
  • Laapsi
  • Ghoogri
  • Dhungari Chhaachh
  • Bail-Gatte
  • Chaavadi
  • Nukhti

Non-Vegetarian Cuisine
The food in Bundi is made predominantly of locally grown ingredients like beans and dried lentils. Gram flour is a prime ingredient in Bundi cuisine. Popular dishes like khichdi and raabdi use bajra and corn as major ingredients. Rotis usually accompany all the food. Residents of Bundi also relish non-vegetarian food. The list of non-vegetarian food in Bundi cuisine includes:

  • Laal maans -It is a meat dish in a curry of red chillies.
  • Saanth ro achaar- Wild boar meat is pickled and eaten
  • Khad khargosh -wild hare is roasted and eaten.
  • Safed maans - A Rajasthani dish of meat that is cooked in curd
  • Mohan maans - A dish of meat cooked in milk

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Last Updated on 07 August 2012