Bundi Hotels

Bundi is one of the less explored and less visited cities in Rajasthan . However, with passage of time, the city has attracted considerable number of tourists for the elegant forts and palaces that are there in the city. Bundi hotels have developed as a result. There are hotels that cater to the accommodation requirements to all types of travelers and tourists in Bundi, Rajasthan.

Hotels in Bundi can be classified into two main categories-The Heritage Hotels and Budget or Cheap Hotels. The Heritage Hotels are mainly designed and decorated to cater to the demands of the high-end clientele. The buildings of the heritage hotels are mainly palaces and forts that have been transformed into hotels. These buildings are also evidences of the rich historical background of the city.

The interiors of the heritage hotels of Bundi are done in a lavish and extravagant style. The guest rooms are facilitated with the latest amenities and facilities so that guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed stay at the hotels. There are also on-site restaurants and other recreational activities that can be enjoyed in these hotels. Some of the notable Bundi heritage hotels are as follows:

Apart from the heritage hotels, there are also cheap and budget hotels in Bundi that cater to the accommodation requirements of budget travelers. The rooms in these hotels are furnished with the basic amenities and facilities. Some of the well-known budget hotels of Bundi are as follows:

Last Updated on 07 August 2012