Nawal Sagar Lake

Nawal Sagar Lake is a major tourist attraction in Bundi, Rajasthan. The artificial lake can be seen from the Taragarh Fort, which is another major attraction of Bundi. Bundi in Rajasthan is mainly popular for its forts and palaces, which stand evidence to the rich traditional and cultural richness of the city.

Nawal Sagar Lake in Bundi has a temple in the center. The temple is dedicated to Lord Varuna, who is worshiped as the Aryan God of water. The temple is half-submerged in water. A boat has to be taken from the banks of the lake to reach the temple in the center of the lake.

Another major attraction of the Nawal Sagar Lake at Bundi is that the reflection of the palaces and forts of Bundi can be seen in the water of the lake. Rather, it can be said that reflection of the entire city can be seen in the Nawal Sagar Lake, Bundi. This feature makes it one of the unique attractions of Bundi.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012