Bundi to Jhalawar

The Bundi to Jhalawar excursion is memorable for the rich natural beauty of the south-eastern Rajasthani area. Other attractions of Jhalawar include its splendid historical forts and the Government Museum.


Travelers who wish to include Jhalawar in their itinerary are required to travel by bus from Bundi to Jhalawar. Visitors to the Rajasthani town usually see the following attractions:
  • Rein Basera
  • Jhalarapatan
  • Jhalawar fort or Garh Palace
  • Bhawani Natyashala
  • Gagron fort
  • Chandrabhaga temple
  • Government Museum


Jhalraptan holds special interest for the traveler interested in Indian history. The name 'Jhalraptan' translates into 'city of bells'. The moniker is believed to be given to the place due to the great number of Hindu temples situated in the area. The list of more prominent temples include the Sitalesvara Mahadeva, the Varaha Avatara, and the Kalikadevi temple.

Time to Visit

The high tourist season commences from October and continues until March. The sleepy town comes to life with the start of the Gangaur festival and Chandrabhaga fair. The more shopaholic visitor may purchase stone figures and cane handicrafts that are a specialty of the region.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012