Raniji ki Baori

Bundi is a historical and cultural city in Rajasthan that is well known for its grand forts, palaces and step wells better known as kunds. Raniji ki Baori is one such important places of attraction in Bundi, Rajasthan . It is considered to be one of the most impressive step wells in Rajasthan.

Raniji ki Baori in Bundi was constructed under the orders of Rani Nathavatji in 1699. The step well is located in a small park in Bundi. The depth of the well reaches to about 46 meters.

This step well is famous for its intricate carvings and the impressive shape. There is a grand gateway that has to be crossed for reaching the Raniji ki Baori at Bundi. Curved pillars and broad steps enhance the beauty of the place to a great extent.

Last Updated on : August 07, 2012